Sylvester Stallone Shares New ‘Rocky 4’ Movie Poster

Sylvester Stallone shared the latest poster of ‘Rocky IV’ which will later be titled ‘Rocky vs Drago – The Ultimate Director’s Cut’.

‘Rocky IV’ is an American film released in 1985. The film was directed by Sylvester Stallone himself.

Success in playing a series of popular Hollywood films such as ‘Rocky’ in 1976, ‘Rocky II’ in 1979, ‘Rocky III’ in 1982, and ‘Rocky IV’ in 1985, now Sylvester Stallone is back to share the latest poster for the film titled ‘Rocky 4 Director’s Cut’. Sylvester Stallone revealed that the latest version of ‘Rocky IV’ will be titled ‘Rocky Vs Drago – The Ultimate Director’s Cut’.

So far, Rocky is the most popular character ever played by Stallone. And since his fame in the film ‘Rocky’, Stallone’s name has become increasingly known as well as its sequels ‘Rocky II’, ‘Rocky III’, and ‘Rocky IV’.

At the premiere of the film ‘Rocky’ which was released in 1976, no one ever predicted that ‘Rocky’ would explode and become a commercial success. Not only selling well at the Box Office, ‘Rocky’ has even become an iconic and memorable film of all time.

And surprisingly, ‘Rocky’ became an underdog film, because unexpectedly it won an Oscar in the categories of Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Film Editing. This film brought up Sylvester Stallone’s name as a movie star before his name was known through the film titled ‘Rambo’.

Given the success of the film ‘Rocky‘ which won three Oscars in 1977, Stallone did write and produce further sequels of the film, but not all of them were as well-received as the first film. Thus, the film ‘Rocky IV’ is considered as one of the strongest sequels among the ‘Rocky’ sequels, because it features a great feud between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren).

In the film ‘Rocky IV’, Rocky Balboa is told to get a formidable opponent, namely Ivan Drago from the Soviet Union. When compared in terms of posture, Ivan Drago’s figure is indeed more robust and tall, it overwhelmed Rocky, so he was hit by blows and sweat began to pour out which was interspersed with blood.

Almost every round Rocky fell when he fell he began to think and imagine the figure of his wife who always encouraged him. Slowly he got up with a fluttering spirit, then he hit Ivan Drago continuously until he finally hit his head, then he fell on his back and didn’t get back up until the tenth count.

Drago’s story is strong enough to be continued in the film ‘Creed II’, but Stallone refused it because he was working on the latest version of the film ‘Rocky IV’. Reportedly, in this latest version, silly moments such as Paulie’s robot will be removed and deleted scenes will be included again, including footage of the fight between Apollo and Drago.

In addition to ‘Rocky’, Stallone also became the main key in the films ‘Creed’ and ‘Creed II’ which also starred Michael B. Jordon, but Rocky’s story was finished until ‘Creed II’. Even without the character Rocky, the film ‘Creed III’ is in development which will later be Jordan’s directorial debut.

Over the past year, Stallone has kept fans updated on the behind-the-scenes process. Recently Stallone also shared a poster of ‘Rocky vs Drago’ via his personal Instagram page, he said “this will not be my last work of art” and the film will premiere in Philadelphia.

The movie ‘Rocky vs Drago’ is ready to be screened, but until now it is not known whether the film will be shown in theaters or only through streaming services. When the movie ‘Rocky vs Drago is actually about to air, we can only wait until the trailer is released.

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