Ted Lasso Series Season 1 (2020) Review: A Warm Behind-the-scenes Comedy of the Premier League

The Ted Lasso season 1 series is one of the few heart-warming shows about football set in England, where football originated. This Apple+ series even got a second season which was released last July.

The series, starring Jason Sudeikis, tells the story of an American Football coach, Ted Lasso, who coaches Premier League club AFC Richmond. Lasso who knows nothing about football was actually recruited because the club owner wanted his club to fall apart.

His adventure in the realm of the birth of football begins with various problems that surround the club. Coupled with Lasso’s overly positive characteristics, various parties doubted his expertise as a well-known coach.

Humor made natural
Although it has a premise about football that is closely related to British culture, the Ted Lasso series does not really highlight the match or the players. The stories offered reveal more about what goes on behind the scenes.


The conflict presented is not only about AFC Richmond’s position in the standings table, but also the drama on the sidelines: Lasso who has problems with his marriage, the ego of young players, the captain’s arrogance, and harsh criticism from British fans and media.

The narrative of a coach who knows nothing about competitions and even the sport he participates in is hilarious. Lasso doesn’t even know what offside is. But on the other hand, this series does not continue to focus on comedy, but also offers drama and heartwarming stories; that everyone has their own problems.

Combined with various sitcoms that fit in various parts, but still presents every story and plot that is presented as natural as possible. Each character has affairs and problems attached to the real world.

Although unfortunately some of the supporting characters are nothing more than a laugh feeder. Like Dani Rojas (Cristo Fernández) and Sam Obisanya (Toheeb Jimoh), who unfortunately are not of the white race and do not get the spotlight.

The characters who take part in this series have their own charisma and charm. From the badass Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster), the downtrodden new manager Nathan (Nick Mohammed) and the twilight captain Roy Kent (Goldstein), they all deliver a variety of interconnected comedies.

Behind the scenes of the Premier League
For the uninitiated, the basic premise of Ted Lasso is pretty ridiculous. The character was born from a 2013 NBC Sports promo where Jason Sudeikis played an american football coach who suddenly became the manager of a prestigious London football club. This sketch-style ad casts Lasso as a con artist who actually knows nothing about football.

And when transformed into a 10-episode series, this well-designed sitcom becomes a special attraction for football fans. Including various outside references and the obvious cultural clash between America and Britain.

The series follows AFC Richmond, a fictional football club that competes in the Premier League, the highest tier of English football. But other than that, the name of the club they are fighting is a real club that can be found in the real world, such as Crystal Palace and Manchester City.

There are many references to the real world, such as Pep Guardiola who is the current coach of Manchester City, as well as former coach, Harry Redknapp. Likewise with references to Roy Keane, the high-tempered player of the Manchester United legend who is described as Roy Kent’s character.

The Ted Lasso season 1 series brings not only football, but also comedy and drama from the world’s most popular sport. Carrying audiences through the ups and downs of various professions in this sport with a drama that is fun, warm and full of positivity from start to finish.

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