The action scenes in this Baby Driver with a different style

Wright presents the action scenes in this Baby Driver with a different style. The director, who is only 43 years old, mixes it with elements of comedy, romantic drama, and thick musicals. The critics considered that the combination of each element in this 113 minute film was very neat and fitting.

The Baby Driver storyline, which Wright wrote himself earlier, is also unexpected. The audience will find it difficult to guess the continuation of the story. Especially, when the film released by Sony Pictures enters the middle to the end.

When interviewed, Wright admitted that he had had the Baby Driver story idea since 1994. To be precise, when he was 20 years old. The inspiration is the old school film titled The Driver (1978). Made by Walter Hill. Who also appears as a cameo in this Baby Driver.

Like other car racing movies, Baby Driver is also very tense. The slick cinematography and editing make the gripping feel even more real, but at the same time spoil the eye. The audience seemed to feel the adventure of the Baby in endless tension.

Another thing that is also interesting and gets a lot of praise from critics is the cool arrangement of the music. In this film, the Baby is depicted always listening to music using earphones (to drown out the buzzing sound in his ears).

Therefore, the music is almost constantly playing throughout the film. In fact, the audience will also hear the buzzing sound of Baby’s ears. To be precise, every time a song stops playing from his iPod.

Director Edgar Wright is not half-hearted in choosing songs in this Baby Driver. Which amounts to more than 30 songs. In fact, he had consulted with James Gunn. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Which also features many of those songs. So that the songs they choose are not the same.

Oh, yes. The title of the film Baby Driver is, in fact, taken from the title track by Simon & Garfunkel from the album Bridge over Troubled Water. The song will also be played at the end credits. aka when the movie ends.

Another strength of this Baby Driver is the slick appearance of Ansel Elgort as the main star. His acting was praised as very natural. He is able to present a variety of expressions. Starting from indifferent, shy, to sad. Therefore, it is not surprising that Baby’s character was finally able to attract the sympathy of the audience.

According to director Edgar Wright, Ansel Elgort’s capacity does not need to be doubted. He learns very fast. And really serious in carrying out his role.

When interviewed, Ansel admitted that one of the things that supported his appearance, and made this Baby Driver special, was the relationship of the character he played with the main female character. The one played by the beautiful Lily James (cough!). The element of romance is indeed displayed very much. And make this film feel even more beautiful.

On the other hand, Lily James’ appearance also received a lot of praise. Her chemistry with Ansel Elgort was so sweet. So that their love story, which is simple, looks very romantic.

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