The charm of Nam Joo Hyuk’s character in the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is a Korean drama that aired from late 2016 to early 2017. This drama tells the story of the lives of students at Haneul Sports University. The focus of the story is on Kim Bok Joo, a student lifting weights, and Jung Joon Hyung, a student majoring in swimming.

Jung Joon Hyung is played by handsome actor Nam Joo Hyuk. Apart from his handsome face, Nam Joo Hyuk is also charming because of his tall athletic body, as well as his deep masculine voice. Fans are spoiled visually in this drama because not infrequently there are swimming scenes that show off Nam Joo Hyuk’s physical excellence.

But outside of the physical aspect, the character played by Nam Joo Hyuk has also won the hearts of fans because of Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting skill in playing the character Jung Joon Hyung who is unique, and sometimes makes him anxious. The following is a series of Jung Joon Hyung characters that make viewers curious to continue to follow this drama.

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# 1 Impressed relaxed but still focused on the target

Jung Joon Hyung is a swimmer who craves future brilliance. But behind that, Jung Joon Hyung seems a bit relaxed in his studies, and sometimes likes to break boarding rules, and disobey upperclassmen’s instructions. Even so, Jung Joon Hyung did not forget to set targets and arrange future steps for achievement.

# 2 Very fond of family

Jung Joon Hyung has a very warm relationship with his father, mother, and brother even though they are his uncle, aunt, and older cousins. Abandoned by his mother since he was little, Jung Joon Hyung still keeps memories with his mother, but he doesn’t get too caught up in sadness either.

# 3 Have trauma but are not afraid to face it

The relationship with his biological mother who suddenly broke off made Jung Joon Hyung experience a syndrome that plagued him every competition. His ears were often ringing, and his eyes were blurry. As a result, he was briefly disqualified for jumping into the pool before the cue began. However, Jung Joon Hyung is willing to attend counseling and opens up about his problems.

# 4 Impossible but loyal friends

Jung Joon Hyung’s crimes often annoyed his friends. Sometimes the audience is also anxious to see it. But actually, Jung Joon Hyung cares for the people closest to him, and always accompanies him during difficult times.

# 5 Burcin but anti clingy

Jung Joon Hyung is not afraid to be cute to achieve the love he dreams of. The word prestige was far from his mind. But Jung Joon Hyung’s innocence didn’t make him clingy. When his partner has to leave him to achieve his dreams, Jung Joon Hyung wholeheartedly supports him. From this, we learn that love should not be a barrier to achieving goals. True love is love that strengthens, not weakens.

These are the five characters of Jung Joon Hyung who make fans even more fond of his character, Nam Joo Hyuk. From these characters, we learn that youth does not always contain joy. However, by facing problems and mastering fear, the fruit that is picked in the future will taste even sweeter. Without any regrets.

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