The Final Castlevania Atone for the Wrong Part of the Vampire Council

The fourth season and the last Castlevania Netflix redeem the wrong part of the council of war that abandoned vampire Dracula to Carmilla.

One of the aspects most surprising of the Castlevania Netflix came in the fourth season and ended with a bow the redemption of the series. The Forgemaster Isaac rebuked his role as the successor to Dracula and choose to rebuild the world, convince Hector to do the same thing. In the process, Hector asked him to save Lenore, another sister of the vampire council, and in time, he will also release his hatred and regret past sins.

However, remember what happened to the members of the coven and their role in the war Carmilla, it is clear that Castlevania redeems the part of the board which is wrong.

Lenore is left in the care of Hector when he fixes the world they destroy, after initially siding with Dracula against humanity. Thanks to Isaac, they think the human race can live side by side back with a variety of species — especially the bloodsuckers — but Lenore chooses to commit suicide a few months later. He did not feel like he has a purpose so disappointing, a waste of his bow. As an expert strategy in the castle, there is no real emotion in giving him a second chance like this, especially because she did not declare her love for Hector.

But it’s more nuanced Morana and Striga, which should be treated fairly. They are much more important for the world of Castlevania as they are in the field, making camp to eat and enslave Europe. They finally decided to escape with the battalion them after the army of Isaac crush the castle Carmilla, choose to settle for miles and miles away from the castle, Alucard.

The problem is, it doesn’t feel like a full redemption when they voiced their desire for peace. It seems like they just want to grow old together, to forget about the day-to-day bleed them as a warlord. Had they been held accountable, make peace with Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha, and offers a paradise for man, it will be noticeably more rich and sincere. They’ve got the spotlight on them as the characters of the LGBTQ+ so it would be very nice to see them repent and map the way forward.

Thus, true peace will be achieved and we will not be left wondering whether the Team Belmont will hunt them down or if someday, a legion of vampires will turn on the world again. It would feel organic also because they see their kind suffered in the war and recognize that the vision of Carmilla, like’s Dracula, can destroy all the people.

Unfortunately, Castlevania ruins everything by offering redemption to Lenore, who appeared as spoiled brats who are tired of being cooped up. If Morana and Striga, however, it would be a better fit with the narrative and the political end of this series in terms of harmony and transparency.

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