The Identity Of Lee Seung Gi’s Biological Mother In ‘Mouse’ Suddenly Becomes The Subject Of Discussion

After TvN Aired The Special Episode ‘Mouse: The Predator’, Fans Were Suspicious That Lee Seung Gi’s Character’s Biological Mother Was Still Alive. Curious What Is The Reason?

The plot twist ” Mouse ” about the identity of Jung Ba Reum ( Lee Seung Gi ) as a predator is still an interesting conversation. Now, fans are wondering who the handsome police mother is.

After “Mouse” aired the special episode entitled “Mouse: The Predator”, fans became suspicious that Jung Ba Reum’s real mother was still alive. The suspect is Sung Ji Eun ( Kim Jung Nan ), who has been known as the mother of Sung Yo Han ( Kwon Hwa Woon ).

The suspicion started after Sung Ji Eun peeked at Jung Ba Reum and Oh Bong Yi ( Park Ju Hyun ) at the hospital. He suddenly vomited and ran out of the hospital.

When approached by Jung Ba Reum, the shadow of Sung Ji Eun’s past when she strangled her psychopathic son began to emerge. That’s why fans are suspicious that Jung Ba Reum is Sung Ji Eun’s biological son who has been acting crazy since childhood.

Moreover, so far it has not been clearly stated what kind of biological mother Jung Ba Reum is. Because the only family he has right now is his aunt who started showing a mysterious attitude after Jung Ba Reum underwent brain surgery.

Is this the one who has not realized or not, is it the mother? Wrote a netter. Bareum is the doctor’s son (head hunter) , added the other netters. Wow, it looks like he doesn’t remember his mother! Said the other netters.

Wow, that means Jung Ba Reum’s mother is still alive? Then Yohan, what’s her status? Said the other netters. It means that Yohan is a new stepdaughter who wants to be killed, huh? Said another.Wow, she’s the mother? It’s darker than I thought, concluded the other netters.

Meanwhile, “Mouse” has entered a new chapter since Jung Ba Reum received Sung Yo Han’s brain implant. He who was initially heartless began to have emotions and began to be haunted by guilt. He even thought about ending his own life.

Lee Seung Gi Performs Cruel Murder On ‘Mouse’, The Filming Process Is Shocking
In The Behind-The-Scenes Video For ‘Mouse’ Which Was Released Recently, Lee Seung Gi Is Seen Filming A Murder Scene In A Quite Surprising Way. Like What?

Recently, tvN released a behind-the-scenes video ” Mouse ” which featured a number of interesting moments. One of them is the filming process of Lee Seung Gi when he performed a cruel murder scene against Pastor Go Mu Won, played by Kim Young Jae .

If the scene comes out horribly on the small screen, the shooting process is quite shocking and unexpected. The reason is, Lee Seung Gi and Kim Young Jae always dilute the shooting location with their jokes.

Before filming began, the two of them practiced jokingly on the chairs. When Lee Seung Gi started choking Kim Young Jae’s neck, the actor pretended to be in so much pain that it made everyone laugh.

However, as soon as filming began, Lee Seung Gi and Kim Young Jae immediately immersed themselves into their characters well. They quickly transform into criminals and victims while displaying conflicting expressions.

No less surprising, Lee Seung Gi slammed the laptop on the floor several times without a soft mat according to the script direction. This also shows the totality of the production team who are willing to “sacrifice” a laptop in order to create a more realistic scene.

Towards the end of filming, Kim Young Jae joked and mocked Lee Seung Gi quite hilariously. While lying on the floor, Kim Young Jae quietly pointed at Lee Seung Gi while turning his finger near his head. That’s why he seemed to be labeling the character Lee Seung Gi as a crazy man.

Meanwhile, “Mouse” has entered a new chapter since Lee Seung Gi’s character Jung Ba Reum was revealed to be the real predator. He is the mastermind of all the cruel serial killings that take place in the city, not Sung Yo Han ( Kwon Hwa Woon ) who died unjustly.

After receiving Sung Yo Han’s brain implant, Jung Ba Reum, who was initially heartless, began to have emotions. Now he is haunted by regret and guilt. He even thought about ending his own life.

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