The romance of the Best Castlevania INSTEAD of Trevor & Sypha – OR Dracula & Lisa Tepes

Just as impressive as the love story of the anime Castlevania the Dracula and Lisa, and Trevor and Sypha, romance best series this is a new one.

Although the anime Castlevania Netflix is a horror story, a lot of time devoted to love. It came through a couple of Dracula and Lisa Tepes, as well as by Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades because the latter against the Creatures of the Night and trying to make sure the legacy of Dracula will never be revived.

Dracula transformed from a monster into a human after meeting Lisa, but his stubbornness turns into a killer after mankind to kill him. However, we do not get a lot of logic to the moments near and ties their overall — it was mainly used to make Vlad become a villain and drive the plot. This is not to drop the relationship nuanced they are, or Trevor and Sypha because many things should be adored. However, the romance of the best Castlevania is a couple of other completely.

While fans of Castlevania have sent Trevor and Sypha since Season 1, they were more about the task and cleaning of Europe. New in the fourth season and the last we see them openly express love for one another. But once again, this series is not too thought of it, except the end when Trevor somehow avoids Death and met Sypha who is pregnant for a happy ending el conjuro 3.

But with Alucard and Greta, which was introduced this season, there is a lot of time dedicated just to them, to paint a portrait of love when their mutual seducing. Alucard previously becomes friends dating and debauchery, but now, finding purpose after the assassination of her father Dracula, he answered the call from the village of Danesti to help them fight the rest of the monsters, Vlad.

Alucard arrived to find Greta as a leader who called him and learned from him about humanity. He was impressed with him risking his life as a mortal woman to protect so many people, and she reminded him of Lisa. He misses his mother, but Greta represents the light that even Lisa can’t turn on in itself during day-to-day spoiled. Alucard helps Greta bringing people into his castle and as they continue to fight together, sparks fly. But it’s the substance, not the style when he turns it on — something that even Trevor or Sypha can’t do.

Instead of a fixed condescending, bitter, and cynical, Alucard is now filled with hope, optimism, and excitement. In other words, Greta makes it not embrace the side of the vampires, but the identity of Adrian Tepes. It culminated in him helping take the death and the army of Dragan in the final Castlevania, risking everything for the people of Greta along with a Team of Belmont. When the dust is finally gone, Adrian is happy to see mankind rebuild.

This is the world that is the dream of Lisa and Alucard will not have ever experienced it if it wasn’t because Greta a strong and self-sufficient. She inspires and motivates him, and while he does not admit it, Sypha can say that they are in love. This is compounded by Adrian jumped from the tower to play with the boys, now refugees, in the vicinity of the hall. He was like a father to them, give them food and land, and it’s all because of him and Greta opening their hearts to each other. They are fighters who were poisoned by violence, but clearly, they have found the cure.

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