The theory of Loki: Stone Infinity Back to Play in

The theory of new fans that Loki steals the Time Stone the function of the TVA is a great idea. However, after reviewing the scene, whether it survive?

Loki will show off in the series. Although there are a lot of things to learn about his abilities, there was one scene towards the end of the “Laminitis” that make fans talking. During the chase a suspenseful through the streets of Shuroo, Sylvie and Loki have to fight past the guards and avoid the civilians, while keeping an eye on the debris that fell when the world collapsed. Loki stop a large chunk of the building and pushed her into the back before it could destroy anyone. Now, fans love the idea that he uses the Time Stone to do it.

In the middle of the premiere episode, Loki sneaking out of the recording room to hunt for the Tesseract and get out of the Time Variance Authority. But she gave up on that plan after meeting Casey, officer evidence of the tireless with a drawer full of Stones Eternity seized. They have no power at the facility TVA, a place beyond time and untouched by magic. However, fans of the eagle-eyed see a lot of the Time Stones green in that drawer, the power of logical options for the variant to disrupt the timeline of their own.

See Loki remove chunks of the large building beyond anything he’s doing up at this time. So it makes sense to question why Loki never showed strength like this before — and the theory of the Rock of Eternity is a good start. This is the canon of the comic book that the Infinity Stones have no power outside of their universe, but it’s not yet 100% confirmed to be applied in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, most likely, and danger of Ancient impressed at Bruce Banner in Avengers: Endgame relies on the rocks this special returned to the line of their time.

Marvel could end up with a growl of continuity that is not controlled in their hands by ignoring the properties of the stone. But assuming it is still possible, or that the Time Stone is somehow back to the timeline tools, it left the plot of Loki with the big question. If Loki is holding the Time Stone, why not rewind time at the end of the episode to try to re-escape the Ark? Why is Loki not to repeat the theft of a train that fails or zoom back Sylvie so she can re-examine his words, similar to how Sylvie manipulate C-20 in the open event? The series has proven too strong to let such questions open, make use of the theory of Time Stone by Loki becomes impossible.

The answer is there in the scene itself. Gifts and clips from “Laminitis” ‘ve been online for a fun fandom. Thus, the study when Loki stops the debris so as not to fall reveals how it is done. Loki the face of the rock that fell with the posture of a warrior steadfast and takes the movement of the entire body that looks like it has the weight and the real power behind him. Begins with both hands in the air, wrists crossed, she pushed him down and immediately drew a breath. What he did had given him serious energy. But the stone that rose back into place, and pairs it back to escape.

No signs of movement rounded use Strange to mimic the rotation of the countdown time. Furthermore, the debris is not completely backward. It looks like it at first because it forces the structure to the top making a cloud of smoke flowing back to the previous place. However, it is not a reversal. On the contrary, smoking responded to pressure displacement and suck her back into the new space, like a tidal wave. The damaged structure also pour the liquid when ready to fall into Loki, Sylvie, and the people endangered, but the liquid was never turned and flows back to the top of the stone. Everything is in real-time, with no tricks.

There is a better question why Loki withstands the limit of his strength for so long. First, the actions of the raw power require real effort on his part, which means there are some limitations logical to what can be done by a witch as she is on a particular day. Second, meeting Loki with the Avengers and other enemies depending on its tactical and smart. Because of that, he might think it wise to hide what he’s capable of until there are no other options. But unless he explains more in the episode of the Loki next, it is difficult to know the motivation, let alone the limitation that the truth. Mind Loki is the power of the super punch line, but unlike the Avengers, he keeps a lot of secrets, as well as the sword, is hidden.

Grant, Sasha Lane, and Eugene Cordero. A new Episode aired every Friday on Disney+.

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