There is Gamelan Training at the Festival des Suds France

Representatives of the Indonesian government in Paris, in collaboration with the Arles City Government and the Tapenade Association, held training on Javanese gamelan and Indonesian cultures for children and the people of Arles and its surroundings.

The gamelan training, which has started from 12 to 16 July 2021, is one of the activities in the Festival des Suds, which is a summer festival in southern France, precisely in Croisière, Arles city.

Last July 17, the event closed with a gamelan concert played by apprentices who are novice and professional musicians assisted by Gamelan Kancil with the lead musician Henri Maquet.

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Launching the official website of the Indonesian Government’s Public Info, the Atdikbud of the Indonesian Embassy in Paris, Warsito, said that the Indonesian Embassy in Paris together with the Arles City Government and Gamelan Kancil will continue to collaborate on the mission to introduce Indonesian culture in France.

“We will continue to collaborate through Javanese gamelan lessons in schools in Arles City, especially at the Studio Franceschi music school, which will receive gamelan lessons and introductions to Indonesian cultures from September to June 2022,” said Warsito, as quoted in the statement. released by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Jakarta, Monday (19/7/2021).

At the closing ceremony, Warsito also thanked the Mayor of Arles, represented by the deputy mayor for Culture and the Association, Mrs. Claire de Causans, for giving Javanese gamelan the opportunity to be part of the Les Suds Festival.

“We also thank and appreciate the Tepanade association through the Gamelan Kancil who has always been active in introducing Indonesian culture to the French people,” said Warsito.

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The day before, Atdikbud also received a special invitation from the Des Suds radio station to conduct a direct interview about Indonesian culture.

The Festival des Suds is an annual festival held for seven days and six nights non-stop, starting from 12 to 18 July 2021. The festival is held in every corner of the City of Arles and its center is in an arena which is one of the UNESCO world heritages. Visitors to the festival are not only from various cities in France, but also from outside France which reaches hundreds of thousands of visitors.

“The audience is very impressed to see this Javanese gamelan. In fact, one of the spectators who came from Lot City, France, was very interested in participating in this training in the future,” said Warsito.

In addition to holding more than 40 concerts, the Festival des Suds also organizes 36 training classes for beginners and professionals in the fields of music, dance, singing, and plastic arts which are mentored by renowned artists and educators who are competent in their fields. This activity is also intended for all circles, both beginners and professionals.

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