These are 4 reasons Zeus became the King of all Zombies in ‘Army of the Dead’

This latest film by Zack Snyder is different from existing zombie films, in ‘Army Of The Dead’ there are various types of zombies and they are divided into several types, one of which is Alpha.

Alpha in this zombie film is introduced to the appearance of the character Zeus, which is a form of experimentation carried out by the government in Area 51, Nevada. In an attempt to transfer him to Las Vegas, the escorting military convoy crashes and results in the release of the Alpha.

As seen in the released trailer, Zeus is very strong, even the director shared a photo of Zeus on his Twitter account with the words “The King”.

Come on, let’s look at the reasons below, why Zeus has the label “The King”!

Zeus is an Alpha zombie

Quoted from the director’s Twitter tweet, Zack Snyder, when he posted some of the main characters in his film ‘Army of the Dead’, he gave Zeus the label “The King”. The appearance of these zombies is closely related to the Area 51 area, where Zeus himself is one of the experiments carried out there.

This was confirmed directly by Snyder during a question and answer session he did with Netflix. Even though the film hasn’t been released yet, we as the audience can only guess at how Zeus the zombie Alpha will appear.

The cause of the epidemic

In the 15-minute clip of the film ‘Army of the Dead’, it is briefly told how Zeus is the main cause of the zombie outbreak. This happened because the convoy of soldiers tasked with moving Zeus had an accident, so the bunker that was locking him up bounced and was successfully opened by this Alpha zombie.

In the film footage, Zeus is described as having tremendous strength, even some of the elite troops who escort him are unable to knock him down, even though they have used weapons.

Just like the plague spreads in most zombie movies, when the zombie bites, the victim will turn into a zombie too. However, ‘Army of the Dead’ packs this impact differently, namely it will form a zombie caste depending on what type of zombie bites.

Occupy the highest position in the zombie caste

One of the producers, Deborah Snyder said the film will consist of 2 zombies, namely Alpha and Shamblers. Producer Wesley Coller added Alpha zombies are the most important part of the film’s mythological lore.

Back on Zack Snyder’s Twitter account, he shared a photo of an Alpha zombie named Zeus. Snyder explains humans who are bitten by Zeus will turn into Alpha. However, if these Alphas bite humans, they turn into Shamblers. So it is concluded, Alpha has a higher level of zombies than Shamblers.

“They’re smarter, they’re faster, they’re organized”

As seen in the trailer, when Alpha manages to escape the container holding him, he shows how strong this zombie is. If you look back at the trailer, the zombies are seen moving under the orders of the Alpha. This can be seen when the scene shows Alpha raising his fists in the air and the Shamblers following his directions.

Well, that’s the reason why Zeus was labeled “The King” by the director. How are you? Can’t wait, Tilers, to watch the movie ‘Army Of The Dead’? Just wait for the playdate on May 21, 2021, exclusively on Netflix.

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