These Are The 7 Most Crazy Scenes From Lee Min Ho, Song Joong Ki To Kim Bum, Who Do You Choose?

Netflix’s The Swoon Shared Two Scenes Of The Actors In The Drama, While Driving A Car And The One That Shocked Fans The Most. Who Is The Most Favorite?

Currently, many popular Korean dramas are broadcast globally through the Netflix site. This of course finally makes it easier for fans around the world to follow Korean dramas that are currently airing.

Netflix has certainly finally made South Korean actors more popular among world fans. The Swoon sometimes shares content comparisons of dramas aired through Netflix.

Recently, The Swoon’s official Instagram account seemed to share a series of epic scenes of 7 actors in their respective dramas. The Swoon shared 2 scenes, the first when the actors did a car driving scene. The next scene is one that makes a scene that goes viral on social media.

The scene of Song Joong Ki in ” Vincenzo ” when the actor is in court, Lee Min Ho with a disheveled appearance in ” The Legend of The Blue

Next is Kim Soo Hyun’s scene in ” It’s Okay Not to Be Okay ” when he wants to make a family photo. Kim Seon Ho in the elevator scene in ” Start-Up “. Hyun Bin who flashed a smile in ” Crash Landing on You “, and finally Seo Kang Joon who stood on a car walking in ” Are You Human? “.

(Oppa, do not you tired of driving (we become crazy) every day?), ” Wrote The Swoon.

Korean drama lovers immediately agreed to The Swoon’s upload. They admitted that they were immediately excited when the seven actors performed the scenes uploaded in their respective dramas.

The Swoon itself became one of the promotional places for the cast for South Korean dramas or films that aired on Netflix. The Swoon often conducts unique interviews and interesting games with actors and actresses when promoting their dramas and films.

4 Scenes of Tie Hair vs Untie Pigtails The Handsome Actors in This Drama Make You Baper, Which Team Do You Choose?

Korean dramas always provide a lot of romantic scenes that make the audience melt. But not all romantic scenes are luxurious and expensive activities. There are also simple scenes that are simple, but look very romantic.

And one of those scenes is doing a hair tie or releasing a hair ponytail. It looks very simple and also simple, but the scene succeeded in attracting the attention of the audience, and made the audience totally baper.

What are the scenes in the drama? Reported from various sources, here are 7 scenes of tying hair and removing pigtails that make the audience baper. Let’s just check.

1. Kang Cheol – W: TWO WORLDS
The first hair tie scene is in the drama W: TWO WORLDS by Lee Jong Suk . Even though it’s just a normal hair tie, this scene by Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo can give a very romantic impression.
Having a sweet attitude and smile, anyone will melt if Lee Jong Suk does that. Of course, this scene became one of the audience’s favorite scenes of W: TWO WORLDS drama .

2. Captain Yoo Shi Jin – DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN
Do you still remember the intimacy between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo in the drama DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN ? And one of those romantic scenes is tying hair, which Song Joong Ki did to Song Hye Kyo.
Despite being a firm, authoritative, and brave captain, in fact Song Joong Ki can be romantic to Song Hye Kyo in the drama. Even this scene became one of the sweet scenes contained in the drama DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN .

Not wanting to lose to the scene in the drama DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN, this time the drama CRASH LANDING ON YOU also did the same thing, namely tying the hair. This scene was done by Hyun Bin as well as Son Ye Jin .
This simple scene was actually able to attract the attention of the audience, and became a so sweet and favorite scene in the drama CRASH LANDING ON YOU. Even after the hair tie scene aired, there were viewers who replayed the scene by Captain Ri.

4. Kim Tan – THE HEIRS
After doing the hair tie scene, there is also a scene releasing the hair ponytail. Yup! This iconic scene has always been one of the popular scenes in the drama THE HEIRS .
In the iconic scene, Lee Min Ho untied Park Shin Hye’s hair . Even when the scene was shot, Park Shin Hye’s thick and beautiful hair was in the spotlight. Because of this, there are a lot of female viewers who want to have hair like Park Shin Hye in the drama THE HEIRS.

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