Three Roles of Nam Joo-Hyuk in Drama The Light in Your Eyes

The Light in Your Eyes is a Korean drama that first aired in February 2019. This drama is not as long as Korean dramas which usually consist of only 12 episodes.

Han Ji-Min, Kim Hye-Ja, and Nam Joo-Hyuk were the main characters. All three played brilliantly. Not inferior to the main cast, the acting of the supporting actors is also extraordinary. Even Lee Jung-Eun won an award at the BaekSang Arts Awards thanks to her role as Kim Hye-Ja’s mother.

A fantasy genre, this drama tells of the magic watch that Kim Hye-Ja found by the beach. This watch can return Kim Hye-Ja to the past. With this miracle, Kim Hye-Ja was able to change anything she didn’t want. For example, thanks to the watch, little Kim Hye-Ja was able to control her test scores at school.

Nothing is free in this world. In addition to providing miracles, magic watches also ask for ‘rewards’. The magic watch always adds to Kim Hye-Ja’s biological age every time she turns back the clock. After realizing this, Kim Hye-Ja promised himself not to wear that watch anymore.

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But when she becomes a girl, something happens that she desperately wants to change. Kim Hye-Ja gave up. He wears the clock again to repeat the same day. However, Kim Hye Ja never succeeded in changing things. He turned the clock again, and countless times again. As a result, when he finally succeeded, he aged a lot.

The next morning, Kim Hye-Ja woke up as a grandmother.

Even though it was difficult at first, Kim Hye-Ja’s family and friends accepted her situation. It’s a shame there is someone who doesn’t even recognize him even though Kim Hye-Ja hopes for him, Lee Joon-Ha. Before Kim Hye-Ja transformed into grandmothers, she and Lee Joon-Ha were getting close. When their hearts began to link, the new Kim Hye-Ja’s physique was no longer recognized by Lee Joon-Ha.

Maybe the audience will be fooled into thinking that their love is the main focus of this drama. For those of you who haven’t watched this drama, I suggest not to focus on this only. Kim Hye-Ja’s relationship with her father and mother can make you even more upset.

This drama does have a plot twist that may not match the audience’s expectations. To be honest, I was disappointed. But in the end, I was able to learn a valuable lesson: reality is not as beautiful as fantasy stories.

However, that does not mean that real life does not offer beauty. Its beauty lies in being with loved ones, in the orange tinge in the sky at sunset, in many ways. It remains how we live these beauties every time.

Apart from the story, there is another uniqueness. Kim Hye-Ja in this drama is played by several artists. Each of them played Kim Hye-Ja as a child, girl, and elderly. The main roles were played by Han Ji-Min who became the girl Kim Hye-Ja, and Kim Hye-Ja who became the elderly Kim Hye-Ja. Instead, actor Nam Joo-Hyuk played three different characters. Here are three characters played by Nam Joo-Hyuk.

# 1 Lee Joon-Ha 1
Lee Joon-Ha is a young man who seems quiet, and shy. In his silence, he had big dreams to become an idealistic reporter. Unfortunately, the burdens of the past always clung to his steps. Sadness and despair made him step further away from his dreams. However, is it true that his conscience has become dull? Will he rise from adversity and then fight again for love and dreams?

# 2 Lee Joon-Ha 2
This Lee Joon-Ha is a straight-hearted young man. Despite dating for a long time, he was never willing to go a little further. Her boyfriend got harsh. He also tried to lure Lee Joon-Ha to propose, and marry her. The beginning of the love story that was both cute and romantic changed color after Lee Joon-Ha got married and had a child. Lee Joon-Ha was suspected of being a communist so he was taken prisoner by the police. Will Lee Joon-Ha’s life return to being happy with his beloved wife? With her young child?

# 3 Kim Sang-Hyun
Kim Sang-Hyun is a young, professional, and caring doctor. Young and handsome, of course, Kim Sang-Hyun is the idol of many people. But is that all? What is the relationship between Kim Sang-Hyun, and the two Lee Joon-Ha? Why are they so physically alike?

Of the three roles, Lee Joon-Ha’s role is the first to dominate the story. This role is the most sympathetic to the audience. Me too. I sincerely hope that Lee Joon-Ha will finally find peace and happiness. But at the end of the drama, the audience might think differently. Like what?

If you’re curious, just watch the drama!

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