Tokyo Revengers Reveal a New Side of Mikey. Invincible

Mikey from the Tokyo Revengers always be the power of the unshakeable, but even the strongest leaders have moments of fear.

Mikey has been a fan favorite since Tokyo Revengers began airing. He is a tough leader, badass total, and principled, despite his background as a delinquent. With a thumping able to knock out people twice his size he is also one of the strongest characters in the series. But Mikey can’t be strong all the time, and in Episode 11, we see a more vulnerable side of him when he almost lost his friend.

In “Respect,” when the sound of sirens forcing members of the Moebius against Takemichi and his friends to escape, it is clear that the Toman has defeated the remaining members of the Moebius — except Hanma, who only pay attention to Mikey. She mocked him, warned him that he hasn’t seen the last of him: the Role of the actual Hanma located in Valhalla where he is the deputy commander of the first. And Valhalla, he promised, will never let Toman know peace. So Hanma goes, Mikey riding his motorcycle and ran towards the hospital.

Meanwhile, in an ambulance, the condition of the Draken getting worse. Nakamichi asked him to take care of Mikey for him before he had a heart attack. The paramedics immediately started CPR but no pulse, and Draken immediate surgery when they arrived at the hospital, leaving friends Takemichi, including Peh-yan and Mitsuya, to wait and see what happens when they arrive.

When Mikey joined them — his face still shows the scars of the fight with the Hanma — his gaze steady and unwavering, not showing the slightest panic felt by all people. Mikey told them that Draken had promised that he would rule the world with Mikey and help create a new era of punks. Therefore, the Draken will not die because he will not renege on his promise. See the smile Mikey instantly eliminates their worries. Anyway, if Mikey’s sure his friends will succeed, why should they doubt it?

Operating Draken successful. But when Mitsuya out to tell Toman other, Mikey quietly slips away. So he was alone, he was crying, crying because of relief and fear. Although he had put up a tough front, deep in his heart, he was afraid she would lose Draken. Draken not only the heart of Toman (the group was broken after the death of the Draken in the timeline before), but he also belonged to Mikey. But he was not able to show his emotions, even if he is afraid. If the “Invincible Mikey” is destroyed then Toman will also be destroyed. It does not give Mikey a way out; his emotions did not have a purpose in addition to in.

Meanwhile, when Takemichi visits Draken in the hospital, he became a new person. His shirt is unbuttoned correctly and she was wearing shorts that read “OUTLAW” in his crotch, together with the sunglasses purple. He was soon replaced by the Draken, who seems to not want to let him enjoy the glory of anything that comes with the beat Moebius and save the vice commander, which interferes with Nakamichi.

But then Draken handed a gift, Mikey, him: uniform Toman, the uniforms worn Mikey when first formed Toman — the clearest sign of gratitude Mikey. To save the Draken, Takemichi saves Toman. This is a heavy burden and significant for him to bear, that Takemichi not sure he’s ready for it. Draken just tells him to talk to Mikey directly.

Since the fight with Moebius, Mikey felt uncomfortable in Tokyo Revengers. He’s not sure how it all fits together: Hanma trying to destroy Toman, Kiyomasa tried to kill Draken, or how Takemichi seems to know what will happen before it happens. So, in Episode 11, he finally faces the Takemichi and asked who he was. This is not the first time Mikey questioned the identity of the Takemichi but he seems more sure than ever that he is not a middle school student of the ordinary. But tension soon broke out with Mikey brushed it off and thanked Takemichi instead.

His task finished, Takemichi back to the line time after giving Hina a four-leaved clover necklace. At first, nothing seems to change but the Account is not only alive and well, and getting ready to open his dream job as a hairdresser, but Hina is also alive. Whether Takemichi managed to change the future is a question for next week’s episode.

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