Tokyo Revengers: Takemichi is Increased and Exceeded his Revenge

When he and an old enemy finally finish what they started, Takemichi is a new person in Tokyo Revengers Episode 10.

After all, Takemichi trying to do by Tokyo Revengers — ranging from trying (and failing) to be the guardian Draken to fix the relationship between her and Mikey to prevent quarrels in Toman — he was too late to stop Kiyomasa stabbed Draken. It will be easy for Takemichi to despair because of all the setbacks, but he didn’t do it.

Despite all the obstacles against it, he never loses hope or gives up. Nakamichi is not physically strong, and is even dubbed the “Hero of the Crybaby,” but he has proved that he will never run away and leave them in need. Now, at the Tokyo Revengers Episode 10, he is ready to take revenge on old enemies.

Tears filled his eyes, Takemichi tells Mikey that Draken had been stabbed. Leader Toman trying to get his best friend, kick members Moebius easily get Hanma threw it to the back. With Hanma and Moebius the other way, Mikey screaming so Takemichi keeps the Draken for her.

Suddenly, Draken coughing up blood and Takemichi relief — he’s still alive! But he needed help. Draken much larger and heavier, but Takemichi managed to pull it to the top of his back and slowly bring it to a place that is quiet and safe. Hina and Emma came rushing, call an ambulance. Now they wait for help to come.

Nakamichi slowly backward, unconsciously preparing to run away, but the sound of the Draken through the fog of fear. He thanked the Takemichi top of all that he had done up to now but told him to escape with Hina and Emma. This is framed as the Draken are trying to make it protect the girls, but he also told Takemichi own after realizing how scared he was.

All Takemichi ever does in life is to escape. Before the current events in Tokyo Revengers, he fled 12 years ago and lost the Abject. If he escaped for the second time, not only will he lose her again but also that the Account, Draken, Mikey, and his other friends in Toman. Nakamichi enforces the body — she was done running.

He walked into Kiyomasa and stated that he will take revenge with the win this fight. All the cronies Kiyomasa laugh, but there is something undeniably different about Takemichi compared to the last time they met. He is much calmer and has a sense of confidence that was not there before.

Draken, Contemptible, and Emma all bet on Takemichi to win the fight. The problem is Kiyomasa does not fight fair, piercingly hand Takemichi with a knife. While gnashing his teeth, he pulled it out and threw it to the side, attacking Kiyomasa and threw her arms in the middle. He even took a bite for good measure.

No matter how hard or how hard Kiyomasa swing Takemichi, he refused to let go. He has Kiyomasa in a headlock, squeezing until he lost consciousness and fell to the back. He has no charisma or strength that comes so naturally to Mikey. He could not attack his opponent with a kick or even a blow that would have an impact of any kind. But Takemichi will fight — and win — in its way.

Although Kiyomasa is now down, the other not — and they are as ruthless. Nakamichi urgent Hina and Emma to run away while she and the Draken will keep fighting. Draken pulled himself up, one hand clutching his side where the knife was in. None of them were in any state to fight, but their roars and refrain from the onslaught.

Out of nowhere, the Account ran out and punched one of the members of Moebius, save Takemichi. Better yet, his other friends are also here to help. They are not stronger than Takemichi and may be scared, but see it step up and defeat Kiyomasa has inspired them. This is the clash of the most brutal of Tokyo Revengers, but as long as they do not give up, they will never lose.


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