Tropical-Rouge! Precure Interesting Play Directly From The Movie

Episode 14 of Tropical-Rouge displays the strength of cheerfulness which is better — no different from the movies Precure before.

A little encouragement will be of great help to other people achieve their goals — whether it’s to find the strength to bounce back after a defeat, or continue to try, even without a direct result. In Episode 14 of Tropical-Rouge! The cures, Cures found that a little cheer can produce great power — a lesson that was taught well by a lot of the movie franchise, with one item in particular: the Miracle Light.

A staple of many films Pretty Cure, the Miracle Lights debuted in 2007 with the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 the Movie: the Mirror Kingdom’s Miraculous Adventure!, and has existed in almost every film of the franchise since. In the universe, a small flashlight allows non-Cure (such as family, friends, and mascots) to encourage the heroine miraculously, give them renewed strength literally, and sometimes even forms powered new catapult them towards victory.

Outside of the universe, the Miracle Lights are often distributed to moviegoers, with they are actively encouraged to use the lights to encourage Cures when they are in trouble. Although these souvenirs have no real power, the ability to actively (and more or less canonical) participate in the story of the film is not something that is experienced every day. So also with familiarity, which was built more than 20 movies that make parallels with the Episode 14 of the Tropical-Rouge! the climax is so pronounced that it makes one wonder why the animators did not add the Miracle Lights.

This episode follows a girl who helps and shadowing of the preschool teachers to try the possible career paths they want to pursue later in the day. While the antics of the episode make all the people wonder whether Manatsu or the children’s teacher, things quickly go awry when Elde appears and call Zenzen Yarane-da, take over a few blocks played the children.

The girls quickly take the children to a safe place before the motivation can be stolen, let them fight with full strength from the beginning, even though they find the toy was more than just a worthy opponent. Unbeknownst to them, two preschool children, lovers of insects young Ruri and Wataru, two sneak back to the battlefield to check a cocoon of a butterfly. Laura quickly entertains anxious kids, promising them that the Pretty Cure will not be lost — only for versatility, speed, and durability of the beam to begin to overwhelm them.

With the development of who did not right this time, Laura’s own became concerned and found himself cheering for his team. Children, as is often done kids, take a cue from “adults”, and join their voices, shouting, “Fight, Drug Gorgeous! While the kids do not have the Miracle Lights, the scene itself is reminiscent of the many films of the franchise, although on a much smaller scale. Instead of a defeat that will immediately occur and the loss of the world as a result of that, the girls just need a little push to unify their actions.

The impulse was not only to remind the girls about why they fight but also to refresh them to change tactics and work as a team, hit him so fast that the creature did not have time to change before the issue of the movement of their last. Although there is no Miracle needed to save the day, the Light of encouragement still proved to be a valuable asset for Healing, and that it would only be

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