Uncharted 4: a Brother Nate Representing the Past and Future

Uncharted 4 introduces a brother Nate, Sam, who offers one more adventure. But Sam is more than just family. He is a wake-up call to Nate.


Uncharted 4: A thief’s End more than just the final adventure for Nathan Drake. This is also a lesson for anyone who feels the days of glory had passed. The game follows Nate sometime after Uncharted 3: drake’s Deception and shows how she lives the life of a semi-normal as rescuers under the water. Although engrossing according to the standards of normal people everywhere, the life of nine-five as a diver never fit in with Nate. He often lived in the attic with the relics of the adventures of the past and relive the past of the beautiful shoot the target with gun arrows.

Finally, the longing for the past wanders into his home life with his wife, Elena, creating a rift in their marriage. When Nate reached the point where he must make a life-changing decision, her brother who has been long lost, Sam, back and offers one last adventure. When Nate saw Sam, she remembered her past and the horrible life that he has lived and agree to a longer trip to an unknown place. However, it becomes clear that Sam is more than just the promise of excitement; he was also a life lesson in the making.

When searching the city for a pirate Libertalia lost’s Henry Avery, Nate faces more danger than anticipated. Even a mentor and his closest friend, Sully, telling him that this trip might not be worth it. But Nate quickly dismisses the concerns of his friends because of the missing treasures this is important to him. More than reviving the glory days, Nate reminded of when he and his brother looking for the Libertalia together. She believes that finding it would eventually shut down half of his life between him and his brother that never ends well.

Finally, the hunt for the treasure deteriorates. Sam betrays Nate, almost made him and Elena, who keep track of Nate to ensure his safety, was killed. When he’s processing what happened between him and Sam, Nate realized that the best adventure she ever had was standing next to him in Elena. Eventually, the two reconciled, and Nate was reborn as a man with a new purpose to protect the people closest to her than the pursuit of adventure without end like that of his brother. For Nate, Sam, no more than a representation of false dreams about the life that he felt he lost.

Nate and Sam finally found a treasure in a city that has long been their hurry. But it virtually comes with a cost. For Sam, this discovery is the only one that he had, and he even experienced the catharsis of his own when he realized that he was not alone anymore. Then to die with his dreams, Sam went with his brother. However, rather than settle, Sam instead decided to join with Sully in a harrowing adventure, but now know better than to repeal Nate, who saw his brother over family, but also as a reminder of the possibilities of the future.

Before he found the back Nate, Sam lived his life to survive. He spent many years in runaway to pay off the debt and barely able to escape with his life. Although it sounds like excitement on the surface, that’s not the way to live. Sam never stops adventuring, but he learned that there are more things in life than survival, there are families that need to be considered. On the contrary, Nate saw his brother as a lesson that all good things must end before they lost his speech. In the case of Nate, this means no more adventure involving traps and shoot-life-threatening. If Nate felt the itch for adventure, he just needs to see his family and remember the lessons he learned from Sam.

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