Who has handled the Unlocked film production process very well and thoroughly

Former CIA secret agent (United States). They work together to thwart terrorist attacks. Who threatens the City of London with biological weapons of mass destruction.

Btw, when interviewed some time ago, Orlando Bloom said, the story raised by Unlocked can really happen in the world we live in. Moreover, the threat of terrorism has recently become more massive. And sporadically. Which can happen anywhere. And anytime.

The most recent, take for example, the case that occurred in March 2017. At that time, five people died. And at least 20 people were injured. After a four-wheeled vehicle hit the pedestrians. And a terrorist stabbed the police. Near the British parliament building. In the City of London. Which, incidentally, is the setting in this Unlocked movie.

Meanwhile, actress Noomi Rapace admits that she will never forget the process of shooting the Unlocked movie. Because of that, while playing an action scene, he broke his nose after being hit by Orlando Bloom’s elbow. Of course, that wasn’t intentional.

According to Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom had panicked, and felt guilty, after breaking his sharp nose. However, the Swedish actress stated, the incident was just an accident that should not be regretted.

In fact, Noomi Rapace remained professional and continued shooting the Unlocked film. Even if his nose is broken. The star of the film Prometheus (2012) then just compresses his nose with ice, then covers it with make-up. To make it look straight again. After filming finished, then he went to the doctor for medical help.

The character Alice, played by Noomi Rapace, does a lot of action scenes. In fact, he referred to him as the girl version of Jason Bourne. So far, the actress with a chest size of 34B has always wanted to be the female version of Bourne. And, finally, that dream is fulfilled in this Unlocked movie. Which, he said, was violent. Which is until there is a scene crashing into the floor of all that.

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