Who plays a new character named Eric Reisner

Then wrote the caption: That one of his co-stars in F8 was a loser. When interviewed, The Rock revealed that there were actors who acted unprofessionally during the shooting of this film. At first, the fans thought, the person he meant was Scott Eastwood. Who plays a new character named Eric Reisner. However, then the allegations narrowed to Vin Diesel.

When the shooting process for this film was carried out, it was rumored that the star of the Riddick franchise several times came late to the shooting location. And that pissed off the crew and the rest of the cast. Including, The Rock. I don’t know if the news is true or not.

Vin Diesel himself, when interviewed some time ago, denied having feuded with Dwayne Johnson. As in the story of the film, he considers all the Fast & Furious franchise players are his family.

Vin Diesel’s relationship with The Rock itself, according to him, is quite close. In fact, when at home, Vin addressed him as Uncle Dwayne. Because he is considered an uncle in the Fast Family.

Meanwhile, rumors of Cody Walker’s participation are certainly not true. Prior to the shooting of this film, it was rumored that the younger brother of the late Paul Walker would appear as Brian O’Conner. With the help of CGI (computer-generated imagery) effects, of course. Like in Furious 7 ago.

However, Universal Pictures has denied the involvement of Cody Walker. They’ve removed his name. Which was listed in the list of F8 players on the IMDb site.

In this latest film, Brian O’Conner’s own character, it is said, has retired. He lives happily with his beloved wife: Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster). And his two children.

On the other hand, Lucas Black also canceled his appearance in this F8 film. Because the shooting schedule clashed. In fact, the actor Sean Boswell in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) is considered the most suitable as the successor figure of the late Paul Walker. The star of the NCIS series, perhaps, will only reappear in F9 and F10.

Talking about the shooting process, like the previous series, F8 also continues the tradition by shooting in various exotic places around the world. After Miami, Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro, London, and Dubai, now, Iceland and Havana are allocated.

Interestingly, F8 became the first Hollywood film to be shot in Cuba. This cannot be separated from the improving relations between Fidel Castro’s country and the United States.

Btw, with a fairly long duration, up to 136 minutes, this film will still present crazy and extreme scenes. Typical Fast & Furious. Starting from the destruction of hundreds of luxury cars, giant balls that crashed into cars, to cars that can be controlled remotely by remote control.

In addition, when viewed from the trailer, there is one more thing that makes me curious. Namely, footage of racing cars being chased by a submarine. In the polar regions. Covered in frozen ice.

These adrenaline-pumping scenes, of course, made F8 even more awaited. And, as a result, after holding its world premiere in Berlin on April 4, 2017, this film made by F. Gary Gray, it seems, is quite satisfying for the audience.

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