X-Men’s New Base Is Cooler Than Avengers Tower

The X-Men have just established a new base in the heart of New York City, and it’s probably the coolest fortress in the Marvel Universe.

There are many impressive bases in the Marvel Universe, from the historic Baxter Building to the impressive Avengers Mountain. The X-Men have their fair share of bastions, especially recently including the island nation of Krakoa. But the latest expansion of the newly assembled X-Men roster may well be one of the most impressive.

In X-Men #1, the X-Men have just gained a new base of operations in Manhattan in the form of the Tree House, a massive structure that fuses nature with technology and actively enhances the city around it.

To most New York City residents, the Tree House seems to have sprung up overnight. In reality, it’s the result of the X-Men and their allies working together efficiently and covertly to create a base in record time. Buying land with the several billion she earned as head of the Hellfire Trading Corporation, Emma Frost considers it a “reinvestment” into one of her favorite cities in the world. The existing building was demolished in one night, without disturbing the neighbors. After Cypher relayed his plans to Krakoa, the living island produced a special tree that Forges in turn tied to a bonsai tree — and bespoke cables that combined it with ever-evolving technology, similar to his recent work on Krakoa.

The tempo then uses his ability to alter the flow of time to age the tree enough for the group to make sure it looks good. Then, by moving themselves and the tree to New York City, the tree was planted and Tempo again used its powers — growing it over eighteen floors in one night. The treehouse contains several levels, including a small private room for team members. There is an operating deck, which can connect to anyone in the world. The hangar deck is home to their new jet — called the Thunderbird. There is a medical room for minor injuries and the Krakoa Gate which leads directly to the Healing Gardens in Krakoa. Notably, Treehouse is also somewhat open to people in New York City, making it more open than the regular superhero base.

While the Tree House itself is locked away from the general public, the surrounding park remains open to everyone. Renamed Seneca Gardens in memory of Seneca Village — a real-world 19th-century black community whose members were forced out to ensure the construction of Central Park — the park also serves as a tribute to the achievements of fallen mutants and heroes, including a memorial to the Thunderbird. The tree even has a direct effect on the local wildlife and natural life around the park. It is considered one of the greenest structures on the planet, and the local Audubon Society is still surprised by sightings of a rare snow owl that has made a home for itself in the trees.

Ben Urich even comments that the oxygen feels cleaner and clearer near the Tree House, implying that the trees even help tackle natural smog and pollution in the big city where he is located. Urich compares the base to the Sentry Watchtower or the city of Inhumans in New Attilan — and notes that compared to places like that, the Treehouse feels more like a natural habitat and a place for the X-Men to better connect with the ordinary people of the city. that, even visiting the mutant nation Krakoa as their main tourist attraction. can help improve public perception of the mutant race. This is a major advance for the X-Men that will be needed no matter what for practical reasons — especially if the X-Men are going to become more active in protecting the world.

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