Xiao Jun NCT playing a drama? review of Chinese Drama, played by Xiao De Jun

Hello BuddyWow !! How are you? Wow, this time I want to review one of the Chinese dramas played by one of the NCT members, Xiao Jun. who don’t know who Xiao Jun is, let’s get to know a little.

Xiao De Jun or commonly called Xiao Jun is a member of NCT and is part of the sub-unit, WayV. This singer and actor was born in Guangdong on August 8, 1999, and is native to China.

Okay, let’s just go ahead and review the drama. The drama, played by Xiao Jun, is titled “Hello, My Youth” or “Welcome High School Students”. This drama has the genre of Comedy, Drama, and friendship. Hello, My Youth or Welcome High School Students is the latest Chinese drama to be released on January 11, 2021. In his debut drama, Xiao-Jun immediately plays the main role, a 17-year-old student named Chang Yan.

tells the story of the life of a new student who starts his school life with friends who have opposite characters. Chang Yan is a handsome male student who is smart, lazy but smart. Chang Yan also had a talent for drawing.

Meanwhile, Zheng Dian was a very passionate student. Zheng Dian has high self-confidence and wants to be the center of attention and look good.

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on their first day of school, the two of them already dislike each other. Zheng Dian didn’t like Chang Yan who was his competitor, but unfortunately, they had seats next to each other. Zheng Dian hopes to swap seats with the others soon.

but again, unfortunately, Zheng Dian could not escape Chang Yan. On the first day he moved to the dormitory, he was very happy because he had a friendly roommate. but it turned out that Chang Yan also had the same dormitory as him.

Their roommates were Huang Da Chuan and Zhao Guang Ming. a funny school life story that tells of a tricky teacher who tries to catch his students who break the rules, cheating, carrying cell phones, and running away from school.

the story of their friendship to help each other with lots of comedy in it. This drama dominates 97% of the friendship and comedy and 3% of romance. You can watch this drama during fasting because it doesn’t contain kissing scenes, but contains Xiao Jun’s good looks :))

Title: Hello, My Youth / Welcome High School Students
Genres: Friendship, Comedy, School, Youth, Drama
Country of Origin: China
Directors: Chen Zhiliang, Gao Tian
Number of Episodes: 20
Publishing period: 11 Jan 2021 – 20 Jan 2021
Airs on: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Watch sites: Youku, Youtube
Duration: 6 minutes


Xiao De Jun as Chang Yan
Bellamy as Huang Da Chuan
Xie Xing Yang as Zheng Dian
Haru Lu as Liang Xiao Tang






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