“Josee, The Tiger, and The Fish”, Romantic Anime Make Smiles

Tsuneo Suzukawa is a final year student who loves to dive. While walking towards his apartment, suddenly a girl jumped at him. Apparently the girl’s wheelchair was sliding fast down the downhill road, being pushed by someone on a whim. Instead of being grateful, the girl got angry with him. The girl called herself Josee . That was the first meeting between Josee and Tsuneo in the anime film “Josee, The Tiger , and The Fish ” which will start in theaters today (19/5).

Josee only lives with his old grandmother. Both of his parents have died. Her real name is Kumiko Yamamura. He chose to use the name Josee because he was inspired by the character Josee in the book Francoise Sagan, his favorite French author.

Everyday he spends time at home, reading and drawing. He is actually very bored at home but his grandmother is worried about taking him out because several times people tease Josee.

The grandmother offers Tsuneo to work at his house, taking care of Josee for a high salary. Tsuneo, who needs a lot of money to be able to continue his education abroad, also accepts it. But Josee is a very tough girl. He asked Tsuneo to comply with his strange request. Until one day he asked Tsuneo to take him out to sea.

Below are spoilers , but not many and pertain to reviews.
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Anime romantic comedy is sweet and warm. Josee and Tsuneo’s relationship in the beginning was like a cat and mouse, where Tsuneo continues to give in and is willing to obey Josee’s requests because he needs money. He is a diligent and active student. Apart from working at Josee’s place, he also works part-time in places related to diving.

Josee treats Tsuneo at will. He called him a servant. But gradually the relationship between the two began to change. Josee started to open up.

The story is dynamic. The characters also develop naturally. There were several conflicts in their relationship, giving the two a test. Other characters such as Tsuneo’s friends, Mai Ninomiya and Hayato Matsura, as well as a library employee, Kana Kishimoto, enliven the story.

In this anime, Josee makes an analogy of his life as a mermaid. She could not walk from birth, like a mermaid with her fins. Then one day he met a man like a prince. But he was worried whether the story would end sadly, he would become a bubble and disappear like in the HC Andersen story?

Josee and Tsuneo share a bond with both the sea and the fish. About who the tiger is, you will find the answer in this film.

The scribbles are beautiful and detailed. The colors are bright but still soft and easy on the eyes. The character designs are also interesting. Each character has its own characteristics and is sympathetic, such as Tsuneo, who is described as being smart and working hard.

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