Snake Eyes The Origin presents its tremendous final GI Joe returns in a big way

The new installment of the action franchise based on the popular Hasbro toys is being seen again before its theatrical release in August.
After the first tesaer trailer of last month, Snake Eyes: The Beginning , the new installment in the action series based on the popular toy from Hasbro , presents its final trailer ahead of its theatrical release in Spain the month of August , specifically on the 20th . And he does it in style with an overwhelming and spectacular two-minute trailer loaded with action , combats, chases and martial arts, all to tell us the story of one of the most popular (or the most) characters of the franchise, played this time by Henry Golding .

Theatrical release on August 20, 2021

Thus, Snake Eyes: The Origin was due to hit theaters last fall, although due to the coronavirus pandemic , and as has happened with countless films, its premiere was delayed pending a potential greater influx to theaters. cinema. Now, with much lower contagion rates, it seems that the production companies are gradually recovering the usual rhythm of premieres, presenting a blockbuster like the one we are dealing with for this same summer.

Snake Eyes: The Origin stars the aforementioned Henry Golding along with others such as Samara Weaving , Úrsula Corberó or Iko Uwais , among others, a film that promises large doses of action through spectacular scenes typical of the best productions of the genre.

Robert Schwentke directs a prequel film to the two previous GI Joe adaptations and introduces us to the origins of Snake Eyes, a lone warrior taken in by the Arashikage clan after saving their heir. Trained by his new allies, Snake Eyes becomes a feared ninja from whom a dark past will soon resurface, putting his life in danger.

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins (also known simply as Snake Eyes ) is an American movie superhero and spin-off of the film series GI Joe directed by Robert Schwentke . Henry Golding plays the main character, replacing Ray Park, who played him in the previous films, while Andrew Koji , Iko Uwais , Úrsula Corberó , Samara Weaving, and Peter Mensah act in supporting roles.

Snake Eyes was released on July 23, 2021 by Paramount

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A mysterious lone fighter, known only as “Snake Eyes”, is greeted and trained by an ancient Japanese ninja clan named Arashikage, but finds that his loyalty is put to the test when secrets from his past are revealed, as he is finally on his way to becoming. on the famous GI Joe hero.

Snake Eyes is the codename of a member of the GI Joe Team. It is the original command of the team, and much of its history and information, including its real name, place of birth and service number, have remained “CLASSIFIED” in all representations of its origin. All that is known for sure is his rank / grade (originally US Army Sergeant / E-5, eventually made it to Sergeant First Class / E-7 before he was also “CLASSIFIED”), his His primary military specialty is infantry, and his secondary military specialty is hand-to-hand combat instructor. Snake Eyes was trained at MACV Recondo School (Nha Trang), and served in LRRP in Southeast Asia with Stalker and Storm Shadow, and eventually left the service to study martial arts with the Arashikage ninja clan of Storm Shadow. He has received drill sergeant training and is a former US Army Special Forces and Delta Force operator. Very little else about his past has been revealed.

Snake Eyes lived a life of strict self-denial and isolation in the High Sierras with a wolf mascot named Timber when he was recruited for the GI Joe Team. He is an expert in all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms and a black belt in 12 different combat systems. He is also very skilled at using sharp weapons, especially his Japanese sword and trench knives, but he is equally skilled and willing to use firearms and explosives. Snake Eyes is silent in his movements and rarely relies on one set of weapons to the exclusion of others.

During one of his first missions for GI Joe, Snake Eyes’ face was severely disfigured in a helicopter blast. Since then, Snake Eyes has had extensive plastic surgery to repair the damage, but his vocal cords cannot be repaired. He usually wears a black suit, along with a balaclava and a visor to cover his face. When he took off his uniform, Snake Eyes is Caucasian with an athletic build, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Snake Eyes has been shown to be romantically involved in most of the continuities with his teammate Scarlett. He has also had several apprentices, including Kamakura, Tiger Claw, and Jinx. His personal quote is “Move with the wind, and you will never be heard.”


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