4 Best Player Candidates at the Euro 2020 Final: The winner is the player from the English or Italian national team?

The Italian national team will face England in the final of the Euro 2020 event at Wembley Stadium, London, Monday (12/07/2021) early in the morning at 02.00 WIB.

This match is called the ideal final because both Italy and England are big countries in European football plus have a long history. Moreover, the finalists are equally undefeated throughout the tournament.

Like a final, the tactical cleverness of both coaches and the share of players is so important to ensure the final result.

Now if you look at the lineup of players owned by both teams, both the Italian and British national teams both have players with good abilities to make a difference on the field.

Bola.com noted that each of the two players from these two teams deserved to be included in the list of candidates for the best players in the Euro 2020 final. Who are they? Let’s scroll down to find out.

1. Harry Kane (England National Team)
His role is very crucial for the England national team during the knockout phase of the Euro 2020 event. In a total of three matches between the round of 16 to the semifinals, he scored a total of four goals.

Even though Harry Kane was barren in the group stage of the Euro 2020. In the final, this Tottenham Hotspur player once again will play a crucial role and will be a frightening specter for the Italian national team backline duo: Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci.

2. Federico Chiesa (Italian National Team)
Not the first choice of Roberto Mancini in the initial match of the Italian national team at Euro 2020. However, his role was very prominent during the knockout phase.

In the last two games against Belgium and Spain, he has always been the main player. Against Spain, he even scored Italy’s only goal in normal time. Against England, Chiesa is ready to explode again.

3. Raheem Sterling (England National Team)
Every time the England national team’s quick attack is built, then there is the figure of Raheem Sterling there. Its role is so important in the process of building an attack.

His presence makes the opponent’s backline torn between keeping himself or Harry Kane. So far he has scored three goals and against the Italian national team, Raheem Sterling’s chance to add to the coffers of goals is so big because the opponent has a weakness in the defense wing sector.

4. Lorenzo Insigne (Italian National Team)
Lorenzo Insigne is a typical player in Italy’s attack: smart, technical, dangerous, and deadly passes.

Federico Chiesa’s early goal against Spain was also thanks to Lorenzo Insigne’s sweet pass. This Napoli player also scored a super beautiful individual goal when he met Belgium. Harry Maguire and his friends must be wary of this player if they don’t want to fail in the final.

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