7 Chelsea twists and turns in the hunt for Erling Haaland

Chelsea is reportedly attracted to the signature of Borussia Dortmund striker, Erling Haaland. However, the Blues’ efforts to bring Haaland had to face various twists and turns.

Erling Haaland became the main target of manager Thomas Tuchel to fill the Chelsea front line, after being rejected by Romelu Lukaku. Tuchel needs additional ammunition on the front lines because the performance of the attackers was not convincing last season.

Meanwhile, Haaland performed well for Dortmund. The 21-year-old has scored 27 goals in the Bundesliga.

Haaland then also appeared impressive in the Champions League. He scored more goals than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2020/2021 season and became the top scorer.

So far, there have been seven twists and turns that marked Chelsea’s efforts to realize the transfer of Erling Haaland from Dortmund. What are those steps? Check out the review below.

Mission impossible
Sky Germany journalist, Max Bielefeld, labeled Haaland’s transfer plan as ‘mission impossible. Although it is customary to release star players at high prices, Borussia Dortmund will not be careless.

Die Borusen has just released Jadon Sancho to Manchester United. Dortmund had enough money to balance the club’s balance sheet and didn’t need to let Haaland go. Technically, Dortmund also does not have a new goal machine if they have to release Haaland this summer.

Dortmund attitude
Dortmund director Sebastian Kehl has made it clear from the start that he will not let Haaland go this summer. Later, as in the case of Jadon Sancho last season, Kehl will not let go of players who have already joined the pre-season session and are included in the coach’s plans.

There is nothing new about this matter. He is in our plans. Erling Haaland will join the team and he will be very hungry. He wants to play football, he feels comfortable with us and he will want to score a lot of goals,” said the Dortmund legend. that.

First plan
Chelsea thinks of many options to be able to finance the transfer of Haaland. Not only with the payment of money [either in installments or with other clauses], but also preparing an offer to exchange players for Dortmund.

Tammy Abraham is not in Thomas Tuchel’s plans and he is set to be part of Haaland’s transfer offer. Chelsea assesses Abraham has a selling value of 50 million euros. Meanwhile, the price of Haaland is predicted to reach 150 million euros. The difference between the price of Haaland and Abraham will be redeemed with money.

Sky Germany reports that Chelsea has made an offer to buy Haaland. To Dortmund, Chelsea has submitted a purchase proposal with compensation of a sum of money and players namely Tammy Abraham or Callum Hudson-Odoi.

Chelsea’s offer is quite interesting for Dortmund. They can get one of two talented players in England. However, Dortmund rejected the offer. Dortmund is not willing to swap players.

Dortmund Prepare Substitutes
Dortmund did not completely close the door with the transfer of Haaland. Dortmund has prepared many schemes if they have to lose Haaland, both this summer and next season.

Dortmund is ready for that scenario and already has a replacement. Dortmund has just signed Donyell Malen, a player who has always scored in double figures in the Eredivisie in the last three seasons.

Dortmund always prepares a replacement before releasing key players. Last season, Dortmund promoted Gio Reyna, who will now replace Jadon Sancho.

Haaland refuses to move
Haaland had the right adviser in making decisions, his father. As a former player, Alf-Inge Haaland didn’t want his son to make hasty moves. He wanted Haaland to develop just in time.

The decision appeared when Haaland preferred to move to Dortmund to play regularly rather than move to a big club with a high salary in January 2020. Now, Haaland seems to feel the need to step out of Dortmund.

I’m enjoying my time here. But of course, trophies are important because that’s what I want,” Haaland told Bild.

Not About Money
Dortmund has a chance to get 130 million euros if they release Haaland this summer. However, if released next season, Dortmund ‘only’ gets 75 million euros. However, what Dortmund is thinking about right now is not just money.

For Dortmund, continued Romano, they will get the difference in money from Haaland’s transfer if they win or qualify for the Champions League next season. If it fails to achieve these two things, then Dortmund will lose even more money.

“If they don’t get that and sell Haaland, it will be a big problem. That’s why Dortmund don’t want to let Haaland off,” said Romano.

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