Aiming for the top 4 finish in the Italian League, Pioli: This could be a turning point for AC Milan

coach Stefano Pioli is determined to lead his team to finish in the top four in the 2020-2021 Italian League final standings.

For him, this achievement could be a turning point for AC Milan this season. As is known, AC Milan will face a life and deathmatch on the Italian League stage on Monday 24 May 2021 WIB.

Facing Atalanta in the final match of the Italian League 2020-2021, the results in this match will be important for Milan to determine the position in the final standings.

Now, Milan itself is sitting in third place in the standings. However, his position is not safe yet to finish in the top four. Because there are Napoli and Juventus who also still have a chance to finish in the top four.

With Napoli in fourth place, Milan is only superior in head-to-head, while the number of points is the same, which is 76 points. Then with Juventus trailing in fifth place, Milan is only one point ahead.

No doubt, the final match will be very important for the three teams. Pioli is also determined to finish his job this season with Milan by leading the team into the top four.

Because Milan has also not been in the Champions League for a long time. The last time, Milan appeared in the most prestigious club competition in Europe in 2013-2014. No doubt, finishing in the top four is called Pioli could be a turning point for Milan.

Moreover, given that Milan had a big chance of winning the title at the start of the season. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his friends led the Italian League standings for a long time, even though they were scattered and the title was won by Inter Milan.

“We talk all season about turning points, the team is motivated and will give everything. The final will give the verdict,” said Pioli, as quoted by Football Italia, Sunday (23/5/2021).

“There is a mixture of emotions within us, tension, excitement, and concentration. We have everything to prepare for this match.

Milan must be confident because we proved throughout the season that we are a strong team, “he continued.

“Atalanta deserved to reach the Champions League for the third year in a row, while we have to fight in the last game.

Atalanta will play to the best of its ability, and we have to do it too. Our motivation is great for the club, for our individuals, and our fans. This is the time to stick together, “said Pioli.

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