Because Arsenal Are So Messy in the First Half

Arsenal defeated 1-2 at Villarreal headquarters in the semi-finals of the first leg of the Europa League . Mikel Arteta admitted his team fell apart in the first half.
Arsenal returned from a visit to the Estadio de la Ceramica, Friday (30/4/2021) in the morning WIB with a 1-2 defeat. The Gunners left behind 0-2 in the first half after being broken into by Manu Trigueros and Raul Albiol

Arteta’s men tried to respond in the second half, but Dani Ceballos’ red card only made things worse. Arsenal in the process were saved by a penalty and reduced the gap through the execution of Nicolas Pepe.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta revealed the cause of this defeat. The first half was admittedly not going according to plan.

“There were two rounds that went differently. We had time to show our true selves. In the first half, there were so many moments that did not reflect what we really are,” he was quoted as saying by Sky Sports .

“We were not firm with our high pressing, messy, imprecise with passes, and we didn’t control enough. We weren’t threatening enough or had the desire to stab into the penalty box, but in the second half the situation was very different,” added Mikel. Arteta .

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