Chiellini Becomes Victim of Italy’s Victory Over Switzerland

Italy’s victory over Switzerland had to take its toll. Giorgio Chiellini was injured and had to be substituted when the game had just entered the 24th minute.
Italy managed to beat Switzerland 3-0 at the Rome Olimpico on the second matchday of Group A of the 2020 European Cup, Thursday (17/6/2021) early morning WIB. Gli Azzurri’s three goals came from Manuel Locatelli’s brace and Ciro Immobile’s score.

This result ensures that Italy secures a place in the round of 16. Italy currently tops Group A with six points with yet to concede and is capable of scoring six goals

However, Italy’s victory over Switzerland had to take its toll with the injury to Giorgio Chiellini. The 36-year-old defender was played by the Italian coach, Roberto Mancini, from the start of the match as captain.

He had scored in the 19th minute using a corner kick but was disallowed by the referee due to handball. Disaster then approached Chiellini five minutes later.

Chiellini looked troubled with his left thigh until he was unable to continue the fight. He then had to be replaced by Francesco Acerbi in the 24th minute.

Mancini revealed that he would continue to monitor the progress of Chiellini’s injury. He hopes Chiellini’s injury is not too severe.

“We’ll see tomorrow and I hope it’s nothing serious,” Mancini said as quoted by Football Italia.

The hope that Chiellini’s injury is not serious was also expressed by Acerbi, who performed well to replace the role of the Juventus pillar in this match. He assessed that the experience of Chiellini is still very much needed by Italy.

While related to his slick appearance helping Italy return to a clean sheet, Acerbi believes that this cannot be separated from the solid backline of La Nazionale as a team. Acerbi in this match was able to make one clearance, two interceptions, and once won an aerial duel.

“It went well. Chiello (Chiellini) is very experienced, I hope he asks to be replaced as soon as he feels something to avoid serious injury,” said Acerbi.


Great Italy!

The Italian national team continues its sip performance at Euro 2020. Gli Azzurri is considered to have shown an extraordinary performance.
Switzerland is Italy’s next victim in the 2020 continuation, Thursday (17/9/2021). When competing at the Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Roberto Mancini’s team won with a final score of 3-0.

Manuel Locatelli contributed a pair of goals for Italy. One other goal was recorded in the name of Ciro Immobile.

The official website for Euro 2020 noted that Italy was able to record 13 shots. Jorginho cs played effectively with 49 percent possession of the ball.

Former England player, Leon Osman, praised the Italian game. They are considered to serve entertaining football.

In two matches at Euro 2020, Italy always won by a score of 3-0. Before this, Italy defeated Turkey.

“A brilliant performance from Italy and they were in control from start to finish,” Osman said on the BBC.

“Three incredible goals and they look like a team that people will pay attention to. They played against a good Swiss team, controlled the game, and performed superbly.”

“I enjoy watching them and they are full of energy which is nice to see in the modern game. They want to score goals and entertain. They look impressive from what I have seen so far,” he added.

In the remaining Group A matches, Italy will still face Wales. The Blue Sky team duel with The Dragons took place at the Stadio Olimpico, Sunday (20/6/2021) at 23.00 WIB.

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