Difference between Drop Shot and Netting in Badminton

Hitting the shuttlecock or shuttlecock is one of the basic techniques in badminton. Blows in badminton is a capital that must be owned by athletes to generate points from these strokes.

Because the goal of badminton is to score as many points as possible and win the game. For that, the players must be able to master various techniques, one of which is the punch technique.

In the game of badminton, the punch technique is one of the attack techniques. There are several types of strokes in badminton, two of which are dropped shots and netting.

In addition, to drop shots and netting, there are five other hitting techniques, namely forehand, backhand, lob, smash, and drive. In this article, we will discuss the differences between drop shots and netting in badminton.

Citing the PB Djarum page, these two types of punching techniques of course have characteristics and differences, based on their movement.

1.Drop shot
While the stroke in badminton which is directed to dive in front near the net is called a drop shot. The drop shot is a type of hit like a smash, but the difference is only in the position of the racket when it is about to hit.

If the smash technique is done with full power, then the drop shot technique is only hit with a push or a soft touch.

Usually, drop shots aim to outwit opposing players who are ready to receive a smash hit in their playing area. The result of the drop shot is the location of the shuttlecock in the opponent’s playing area near the net in a swooping direction so that it is difficult for opposing players to reach.

The drop shot is done by the player moving towards the backline and preparing to use the forehand grip. Then, the racket is then held in a sideways position near the shoulder. Then direct the racket to the shuttle with a straight hand position, and gently push or touch the racket with the shuttle.

2.Netting blow
A net shot or netting technique is a punch that is done right in front of the net. Usually, in the badminton game, a netting shot is a shot that drops the shuttlecock in the opponent’s territory as close as possible to the net position.

This technique is a type of short-stroke that the player makes in front of the net and is directed to fall slightly under the opponent’s area. However, it is not uncommon to place the shuttle far back to make a rally or clear.

This stroke does not require a lot of energy, but the important thing is to do it by hitting it with a smooth touch. The movement is a netting blow. To perform the netting technique, a player must ensure the position of the shuttle is as high as possible. Then, the shuttlecock speed after being hit should roll as low as possible from the top of the net when it comes to the opponent’s side.

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