Euro 2020 Prediction Super Computer Version: The Final Shocking

A super computer simulates Euro 2020 predictions . As a result, the two teams that qualified for the Euro 2020 final were unexpected. The winner was surprising.
Launching the Mirror, the simulation using a supercomputer was carried out by football experts at the Sportradar statistical data center. The cool name for this process is Simulated Reality.

This simulated reality is driven by the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning , which help maximize Sportradar’s historical database, including various match situations, games and results.

And from the simulation, comes the Euro 2020 prediction . Specifically regarding the two teams that made it to the final, including who won.

Czech Republic vs Denmark. That’s how the super computer predicted the Euro 2020 final. As a result, the Czech Republic then won the 2020 European Cup after beating Denmark with a score of 3-2 to become European champions for the first time.

Becher, CEO of Sportradar for Europe.

In the history of the European Cup, surprises are not uncommon. In terms of titles, the most recent surprise was Greece, which won Euro 2004.

If the Euro 2020 predictions really come true, the Czech Republic and Denmark of course must first be able to get past their opponents in the group phase.

For the title, the Czech Republic occupies Group D with England, Croatia and Scotland. While Denmark is in Group B with Finland, Belgium and Russia.

In the history of each team’s participation, the Czech Republic’s best achievement in the European Cup was by being runner-up in the 1996 edition – having won in 1976 but still with a Czechoslovak identity. While Denmark had won the Euro 1992.

detikers agree with the predictions of this super computer?


Euro 2020: England ready to practice on penalties

The England national team wants to be as prepared as possible to face all possibilities at the 2020 European Cup . England have even considered the possibility of a penalty shoot-out in the knockout phase.
England once had a bad record of penalty shoot-outs at the World Cup. After always losing on penalties in the 1990, 1998 and 2006 World Cups, England finally won for the first time in 2018.

Three years ago, England eliminated Colombia in the last 16 of the 2018 World Cup on penalties. The Three Lions won 4-3 in a high-fives match after a 1-1 draw for 120 minutes

That success was then continued by England in the 2019 Nations League. They won on penalties against Switzerland in the fight for third place.

In the European Cup, England recorded only one win in penalty shootouts and lost three times. England defender Luke Shaw said his team would train on penalties ahead of the knockout phase.

“I think for the championship in a major tournament, there may be times when you will encounter on penalties and we should be ready for it,” said Shaw, as reported by Sky Sports .

“The last two penalty shoot-outs we won, which of course is very positive and going in the right direction.”

“But of course we will train him. No matter how far the knockout phase is, we have to be ready and training will perfect it.”

“We have to practice what kind of penalties we are going to do and be ready for that situation, so we don’t get confused about where the kick is going

At Euro 2020, England are in Group D with Croatia, Scotland and the Czech Republic. England will start by facing Croatia at Wembley Stadium, Sunday (13/6/2021) night WIB

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