European Cup 2020: Wing Defender, England National Team Dilemma

The England national team is looking at the 2020 European Cup this summer with a dilemma. This is because coach Gareth Southgate has not yet determined who the right-back will be. In the last two years, Southgate has often chosen Trent Alexander-Arnold to occupy that position. The 22-year-old player from the Liverpool club is arguably a subscription for the England national team for trials and qualifying matches.

However, Southgate dropped Alexander-Arnold’s name ahead of the 2022 World Cup Qualifying match in March 2021. The 50-year-old coach argued that Alexander-Arnold had decreased his performance after being smothered by a calf injury.

Alexander-Arnold seemed to want to prove this opinion wrong. After being dropped from the national team, a player is known for his quick corner, which was a disaster for Barcelona in the 2018/2019 Champions League semifinals, immediately appeared on fire with Liverpool.

According to statistics, since his name was dropped by the England national team, Alexander-Arnold has scored 28 chances in eight matches with Liverpool. During that period too, he provided four assists and one goal for his team.

Back in 2019, Trent Alexander-Arnold’s name was included in the UEFA Team of the Year with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Well, according to the media in England, Gareth Southgate will not take him to the 2020 European Cup even as a substitute player.

Southgate is believed to prefer to bring Reece James to the England national team’s main squad at the 2020 European Cup. The 21-year-old player has so far performed brilliantly and led Chelsea to the 2020/2021 Champions League final.

Southgate is also open to the option of bringing in Kyle Walker who is in his best form with Manchester City. Walker even has the opportunity to lead his club to a treble winner if he can lift the Big Ears trophy later this month.

Not only that, but the English national team also cannot ignore the figure of Kieran Trippier, who has just won the La Liga title with Atletico Madrid.

The 30-year-old is integral to the success of Diego Simeone’s team in undermining the dominance of Real Madrid and Barcelona in the last decade in the Spanish League.

The question that arises, will Southgate bring four right-backs to the 2020 European Cup? Perhaps one of them will be sacrificed.

However, what is certain, the coach who was born in Watford, September 1970 will answer when he officially announces the England squad for the 2020 European Cup.

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