Great! Indonesian Racing Team Gresini racer Wins the podium in Italian Moto3

Indonesian Racing Team Gresini made a proud achievement in Moto3 Italy. Indonesian Gresini racer, Gabriel Rodrigo, won the third podium in the race which was held at the Mugello Circuit, Sunday (30/5/2021) evening WIB.

For Indonesian Racing Team Gresini, the success of winning the podium is the second time in Moto3 this season. Previously, Jeremy Alcoba also managed to finish third in the Spanish Moto3 which took place at the Jerez Circuit on 2 May.

We should be proud because this is a world-class event, which has attracted the attention of all world motorsport lovers,” said Rocky Soerapoetra, Principal of the Indonesian Racing Team.

For us, as the first Indonesian people to enter this prestigious event and immediately succeed in bringing Indonesia’s name to the championship podium, it feels immeasurable pride today, ” explained Rocky in a release received by

Rocky, who is also a Sport Management entrepreneur, believes that what he feels is also felt by the Indonesian people. According to him, even though he only won the third podium, the success was something to be proud of, considering that Indonesia is a new name in the world racing arena.

Rocky also believes that over time, the Indonesian Racing Team Gresini will be able to improve its performance even better.

Achievements in the MotoGP Class
Meanwhile in the MotoGP event, Indonesian Racing with Aprilia Racing Team Gresini through its racer Aleix Espargaro was able to make history. Espargaro won the starting position in fourth, in which order is the highest since Gresini’s partnership with Aprilia.

Unfortunately, Aleix Espargaro failed to achieve good results during the race. The Spaniard was only able to reach seventh place but still managed to add nine points.

With this result, Aleix Espargaro is in seventh place in the MotoGP racer standings with a score of 44. A position that is still better than the position of Malaysian Petronas SRT racer, Franco Morbidelli, who is in ninth place.

Results in Moto2 Italy
If Indonesian Racing records satisfactory results in the Moto3 and MotoGP classes, a different score will be obtained in the Moto2 event. The initial estimate in the Moto2 class, Indonesian Racing with Federal Oil Gresini Moto2, hopes to get a podium through Fabio Di Giannantonio.

Unfortunately, the target had to vanish after the racer who was familiarly called Digia fell at the corner. Digia, who started from the 5th position, was ranked fourth and far left the drivers behind him.

Digia just needs to focus on pursuing Sam Lowes who is in front of him. However, when 9 laps to the finish, Digia fell around the corner. A few laps later, Sam Lowes who was in 3rd position also crashed and did not continue the race.

Although Digia failed to finish, overall in the Moto2 class, Digia is still in 5th place with 60 points, far above the position of Malaysian Petronas SRT racer Xavi Vierge, who is 11th with 26 points.

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