Jose Mourinho to AS Roma, Tottenham Save IDR 175 Billion!

The certainty of AS Roma hiring Jose Mourinho as coach starting next season is said to make Tottenham Hotspur more economical.

AS Roma officially appointed Jose Mourinho as team coach from the 2021-2022 season. Together with I Lupi (Wolf Team), nicknamed AS Roma, Mourinho will be bound by a tenure until 2024.

The fact that Jose Mourinho has found a new port is said to be profitable for Tottenham Hotspur.

Before relying on AS Roma, Mourinho did have time to navigate the English League with Tottenham.

The coach based on The Special One only lasted 17 months to beat Tottenham. Mourinho was fired on 19 April.

Mourinho’s dismissal was not cheap. Launching ESPN, the Portuguese coach’s termination package is worth 20 million pounds (equivalent to 399 billion rupiahs)!

That amount includes salary payments of £ 15 million per season. Severance pay is not paid directly upfront, but periodically until 2022, according to the contract previously agreed by Mourinho with Tottenham.

This means that if Mourinho finds a new job, Tottenham will only need to pay the difference from the agreed nominal severance pay, if the seasonal salary given by the coach’s new club is lower.

According to sources close to ESPN, AS Roma paid Mourinho 10.2 million euros or 8.8 million pounds per season before taxes.

Therefore, Tottenham only needs to pay Mourinho normally until June 2021.

After that, the Spurs management only had to bear the burden of severance pay for Mourinho of 11.8 million pounds and could save 8.8 million pounds (about 175.8 billion rupiahs).

The Italian league is not a new realm for Mourinho. Previously, The Special One had coached Inter Milan in the 2008-2010 period.

Mourinho then obtained the status of an Inter Milan legend after he successfully led the Black-Blue team to win the treble in 2009-2010.

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