Kane Gives ‘Gastric Feed’ to City: Want to Play with De Bruyne

Harry Kane has signaled his interest in joining Manchester City next season. The British striker praised Kevin De Bruyne, a player of The Citizens.
Kane’s future is in the spotlight. The 27-year-old striker wants to leave Tottenham Hotspur, which he has been defending since he was a boy.

Kane felt tired of never winning a trophy at Tottenham. He has scored 220 goals for The Lilywhites.

Kane’s transfer rumors were finally answered, when the striker admitted he wanted to leave. He said it on Gary Neville’s The Overlap Youtube channel.

On the same occasion, after the full video was released today, Kane also gave a signal where he wanted to go. The club is Manchester City

When asked who Neville wanted to play with, Harry Kane did not hesitate to answer the name Kevin De Bruyne, a Manchester City player. The Belgian player is considered to have been impressed with the quality of his pass.

“Of course Kevin De Bruyne,” he said.

“When I watched De Bruyne play, he was a special person, a special player. Some of the ball deliveries, which I saw he did at City, were a striker’s dream. He was incredible, an extraordinary player with the ball, without the ball, and always pressing. But the ball delivery has been so good, as long as I’ve seen it, “he said.

The city is indeed a club that is reportedly interested in recruiting Harry Kane. Tottenham themselves reportedly sold their striker for 150 million pounds.

Meanwhile, it is not only Manchester City that is eyeing Harry Kane. Manchester United and Chelsea are reportedly ready to compete fiercely to recruit the England captain.


Dear Harry Kane, Are You Ready to Fight for Liverpool, MU, and Man City?

The former manager of Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Redknapp, assessing Liverpool, Manchester United, and Manchester City the most likely to get Harry Kane.
Harry Kane is widely reported to want to leave Tottenham this summer. The captain of the England national team is even said to have submitted a request to Tottenham boss, Daniel Levy, to be sold. Tottenham will reportedly set a price of 120 million euros.

Kane’s big ambition, which is thirsty for trophies, was allegedly the reason he wanted to leave The Lilywhites. Tottenham finds it difficult to fulfill Kane’s wish. Moreover, this season the Spurs have certainly failed to qualify for the Champions League

The England captain also expressed his desire to follow in the footsteps of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to become the best player in the world. To be at that level, Kane needs to win a trophy.

Speculation regarding Kane’s future has started to emerge along with the news above. Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp also commented on the issue of Kane’s move.

Redknapp assesses that all teams will want Kane. Judging from the quality of this 27-year-old striker. Kane can pack 32 goals and 16 assists in all competitions this season.

However, Redknapp revealed that the three Premier League giants, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Manchester City have the most chances to recruit Kane. Given, Kane is also said to not want to leave the Premier League.

“He would be a fantastic signing whoever was going to sign him,” Redknapp at Redknapp’s Big Night Out on Sky.

“If he goes to Man United, for example, you would expect them next year to have a big chance of winning. He will make a big difference.”

“He can change the team. Liverpool, Man United, Man City. Where will he go? One of the three,” he explained




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