Kante rides a mini cooper, is guarded by the police and is hailed by a Chelsea fan

N’Golo Kante was hailed by Chelsea fans like a hero, after the Blues beat Real Madrid. Kante, who returned home on a Mini Cooper , immediately received an escort.
N’Golo Kante became the star of Chelsea’s victory when he faced Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final on Thursday (6/5/2021) early morning WIB at Stamford Bridge. The match was won by Chelsea by a score of 2-0 through goals from Timo Werner and Mason Mount, as well as solidifying Chelsea to the Champions League final after winning 3-1 on aggregate.

Kante also played a role in these two goals, which started the flow of the ball. Kante is so strong in defense and fast in stabbing the opponent’s defense

Kante was also awarded the man of the match in the second leg against Real Madrid. In the first leg, he has also won the award.

Reporting from talkSport , Chelsea fans packed the area outside the Stamford Bridge Stadium once the Chelsea vs Real Madrid match was over. They dissolved in joy, finally their favorite team re-entered the Champions League final.

Fans Chelsea sang chant and among the cars the Chelsea players out of the stadium area. Especially, the car of N’Golo Kante.

In the photos spread on social media, you can see a white Mini Cooper car coming out of the stadium area. Yes, that’s Kante’s car!

The Chelsea fans pulled out their cell phones and shot a video of Kante’s car. They also sang the chant Kante and so cheered.

The local police immediately stood guard around the road and set up barricades so that fans did not get into the car lane. Kante’s car also drove smoothly without interruption.

It is known, N’Golo Kante did choose a simple lifestyle despite being the world’s top footballer. Kante is still loyal to the Mini Cooper, where most other footballers choose sports cars like the Ferarri, Laborghini or Rolls Royce.

In fact, Kante’s salary at Chelsea is also large. Kante gets a salary of 150 thousand pounds or the equivalent of Rp 2.7 billion per week.

With abundant money, Kante could change luxury cars. But this smiling player, remains as humble as it is







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