Lessons for Man City Towards the Champions League Final

Manchester City failed to lock up the Premier League title after losing to Chelsea . This defeat is at the same time a valuable lesson towards the Champions League final .
Manchester City defeated 1-2 when they hosted Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium, Sunday (9/5/2021) in the early hours of the Premier League. The victory should lead Man City to lock the Premier League title this season

Going ahead through Raheem Sterling in the 44th minute, the hosts have a good chance to double their lead in first-half injury time. Man City got a penalty, but Sergio Aguero’s execution in harvest style failed.

Chelsea then got up in the second half and leveled the score in the 63rd minute. At the end of the match, the Blues managed to get the winning goal through Marcos Alonso.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola said Aguero’s penalty should have made the difference. But he did not want to worry too much about the failed execution of his assailant.

“We played very well. We missed an opportunity in the last minute of the first half with the penalty, and we played better,” he told Sky Sports as quoted by the Guardian.

“It was Aguero’s decision (to do the harvest). He decided to do it his way. Nothing needs to be added,” he added.

This match is a kind of warm-up for the two teams towards the Champions League final on 29 May. This defeat is a valuable lesson for Man City, especially not to waste opportunities.

to become champions (Premier League),” continued Pep Guardiola

Penalty Failed and Man City Lose, Sergio Aguero Apologizes

Sergio Aguero missed a penalty when Manchester City fell 1-2 at the hands of Chelsea in Week 35 of the Premier League . The Argentine striker apologized.
At the Etihad Stadium, Saturday (8/5/2021) in the morning WIB, Aguero was given the confidence to appear from the early minutes, in a duet with Gabriel Jesus. His performance was not terrible as he contributed an assist for Raheem Sterling’s goal in the 44th minute, although it was an accident.

But Aguero also failed to score, even though he had two shots on target during 70 minutes on the field. And what is difficult for Man City supporters to forgive is when he wasted a chance to score a penalty in first-half injury time

Starting from Billy Gilmour’s violation to Jesus, the referee pointed to the spot. Aguero stepped in as a kicker. He needs to score goals in this difficult season, given that he has a lot of injuries and has only scored two goals so far in the Premier League.

He tries Panenka’s style, by chipping the ball towards the middle. Unfortunately for Aguero, Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy was not fooled. Although he had fallen, he calmly got back up, then easily caught the ball, as if he had just received a kick from a child.

Aguero’s failure made Manchester City unable to take advantage of the momentum to widen the advantage. In the second half, The Citizens failed to score. In contrast, Chelsea made a comeback by scoring two goals, each through Hakim Ziyech and Marcos Alonso.

Aguero could not do much to atone for sins on the pitch, because he was replaced by Phil Foden in the middle of the second half. Feeling guilty for his decision to kick the penalty, the 32-year-old later apologized via social media.

It was a bad decision and I take full responsibility for the mistake,” tweeted Aguero .

Manchester City failed to lock the title in this match. They have to wait a little longer, waiting for the results achieved by their rivals, Manchester United .

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