Lewis Hamilton Smoke Verstappen Towards the End of the Spanish Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton won the fourth series of Formula 1 ( F1 ) in the 2021 season, at the Spanish Grand Prix. The British racer stood on the first podium after being able to pass Max Verstappen before the race was over. This will be his third win.

This victory also provided a neat record for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas racer every time he arrived at the Catalunya Circuit. Because this is his fifth consecutive victory at the Catalunya Circuit.

“I’m going to feel great after this. I feel like I can race again here. I’m hunting. I’m so close. So I’m not sure if the tires can hold up (with the dirty air). So it’s gambling. But it’s strategy “Good work from the team. Great work from everyone on the team,” Hamilton said over the radio

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At the start of the race, the Red Bull Team racer, Max Verstappen, started his path well. Starting from the second position, Verstappen managed to take over the first position by passing Mercedes racer, Lewis Hamilton.

In addition, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who started from the fourth position, also successfully cornered another Mercedes racer, Valtteri Bottas, at the start of the race. The racer from Monaco is in third place after passing Bottas.

Until lap 15, Verstappen still emerged as the race leader followed by Hamilton. Even though there was a safety car, Verstappen’s position did not waver. Likewise with Leclerc who finished third, but was stuck tightly by Bottas.

Verstappen and Hamilton’s speed was then unstoppable. The two drivers were so comfortable in the leading position that they kept away from the other drivers, including Leclerc who was third.

However, changes in position occurred in third and fourth after all the riders completed their first pit stop. Bottas successfully took over third place and displaced Leclerc to fourth.

Until the last 10 laps, Verstappen was unstoppable even though Hamilton had a tight tackle. But disaster came for Verstappen when Hamilton was able to corner it in the last six laps. Verstappen’s strategy error in making the second pit stop turned out to be bad.

After cornering Verstappen, Hamilton was so comfortable in the front leading the race. Their distance was even further when Verstappen took the second pit stop. As a result, until the race ended, Hamilton succeeded in ensuring victory at the Spanish GP F1. Also read: Bagnaia is in the prediction that Jorge Lorenzo will win, this is the reason “We are too slow. I don’t know how we can keep them behind,” complained Verstappen. Here are the complete results of F1 Spanish GP 2021 1 Lewis Hamilton GBR Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team 66 Laps

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