Lionel Messi and a Happy Summer in Florida

According to the Daily Mail report, Messi was greeted by hundreds of fans who wanted to meet him. He seemed surrounded by fans, so he had to be assisted by a bodyguard to get into the restaurant
La Pulga spent vacation time in Florida, United States.
Messi is packing his suitcase for a vacation after helping the Argentine national team win the 2021 Copa America last week. The 34-year-old star departed from his hometown of Rosario, Argentina.

At first, Messi wanted to travel to Spain on Tuesday (16/7/2021). However, the plan was postponed due to a bomb threat at Rosario airport a few hours before his departure

Lionel Messi and his family decided to shift their vacation to Florida, United States. The six-time Ballon d’Or winner arrived in Miami on Thursday (16/7) and visited a restaurant called Cafe Ragazzi.

The Cafe Ragazzi restaurant is owned by Argentine-Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner. He uploaded a photo of Messi who was in his restaurant.

Thank you Leo for allowing us to honor you, and thank you for all the happiness you give us all the time,” Montaner tweeted on the @montanertwitter account.

The next day, Messi enjoyed spending time with his family basking in the Florida sun. Circulating photos of him relaxing on a lounger wearing only shorts.

Not only sunbathing, but Messi was also caught swimming with his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, and their baby, Ciro. A happy smile radiated from La Pulga’s face.

Lionel Messi is expected to spend more time on holiday, before returning to Barcelona at the end of this month. He is reportedly going to sign a new five-year contract with the Blaugrana.



Lionel Messi Breaks Cristiano Ronaldo’s Record on Instagram


On Instagram, Messi has just surpassed Ronaldo.

The Tango team’s single goal against the Samba team in the final was indeed scored by Angel Di Maria. But Messi’s participation throughout the tournament was significant

The number of assists La Pulga, 5, was the most among any other player throughout the tournament.

The fact that Argentina has been without a major trophy since 1993, and this is the first time Messi has won a major trophy with La Albiceleste, makes this achievement even more special.

“What a beautiful madness! This is unbelievable! Thank God! We are champions!” that’s the caption that accompanies the photo of Lionel Messi’s post

Quickly, the post gained a lot of likes from millions of people. Even now the number has crossed the range of 20 million likes!

Citing Marca and GiveMeSport, this number has successfully surpassed the record for postings from a sportsman, which was previously held by Cristiano Ronaldo through his posts in 2020.

His final tribute to the Argentine legend, who died at the age of 60, gained a lot of likes.

The number of likes in Lionel Messi’s post so far has only been lost to posts by Billie Eilish, XXXTentacion, Ariana Grande, and a photo of an egg in 2019 which


Leandro Paredes wants Messi to join PSG, but…

Argentina’s Leandro Paredes has spoken about Lionel Messi’s future . He wants La Pulga to join his club, Paris Saint-Germain .
Parades and Messi work together to strengthen the Argentine national team in the 2021 Copa America . Both managed to lead the Albiceleste to become champions after conquering Brazil in the final round.

After the Copa America, Paredes enjoyed a summer vacation before finally returning to PSG. Meanwhile, Messi is still without a club after his contract at Barcelona expires.

Speculation about the future of Lionel Messi has also become a hot topic for football enthusiasts. The 34-year-old star is reportedly the target of a number of top European clubs.

One of the foremost clubs often linked with Messi is Paris Saint-Germain . Les Parisiens want to partner the six-time Ballon d’Or winner with his former Barcelona partner , Neymar .

On the one hand, Barcelona is claimed to be negotiating a new contract with Messi. Los Cules are also trying to clean up the warehouse so they can get their players back.

Speculation about the future of Messi has also received attention from Leandro Paredes . The 27-year-old midfielder admitted that he would love to be able to play with the captain of his national team at PSG.

However, Paredes left the choice entirely to Messi. He hopes La Pulga can choose the best in the future.

“It’s like a dream to imagine that he can be with us next season. However, it won’t be like that,” Leandro Parades told ESPN .

“I wish him happiness in the place where he will play,” he concluded about Lionel Messi’s future .







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