Marc Marquez Crash Again!

Respol Honda rider, Marc Marquez, crashes again. At the 2021 Catalunya MotoGP, Baby Alien fell at the 10th corner.
In the race at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Montmelo, Barcelona, ​​Sunday (6/6/2021), Jack Miller was able to make a good start. He overtook Fabio Quartararo at the first corner.

Pol Espargaro became the first rider to crash. The Honda rider fell during the race with 20 laps remaining. One lap later, Danilo Petrucci crashed at Turn 9.

Marc Marquez fell during the race with 16 laps remaining. He had pushed to sixth position in the Catalunya MotoGP race. This is the third consecutive time that Marc Marquez crashes in MotoGP 2021.

The Catalunya MotoGP still has 14 laps left. KTM rider, Miguel Oliveira, who became the leader of the race.

Yamaha rider, Fabio Quartararo, is in second place. After that, the 2020 MotoGP world champion, Joan Mir.


Marc Marquez in MotoGP 2021: 5 Races, 3 Crashes

Rider Repsol Honda, Marc Marquez, has not gained the most in MotoGP in 2021. In 5 races, Baby Alien crashes 3 times.
When racing in the Catalunya MotoGP, Sunday (6/6/2021), Marc Marquez had time to show a good performance. Starting from 13th position in the race at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Montmelo, Barcelona, ​​he had pushed to sixth position.

Turn 10 at Montmelo became the location where Marc Marquez fell when the race left 16 laps. He lost grip and had to accept the fate of failing to finish for the third time in a row.

Before this, Marc Marquez also crashed in the Italian MotoGP. The 28-year-old rider fell at the third corner.

Marc Marquez, who was sliding on the asphalt, survived the speed of the vehicle behind him. The bike almost hit Franco Morbidelli who had to widen from the track. At that time, the race still leaves 22 laps.

Even more stifling in the French MotoGP. Marc Marquez fell while being the leader of the race at the Le Man’s circuit. He also lost grip.

Marc Marquez has already completed his injury recovery. However, he admits that his performance still hasn’t recovered because he hasn’t raced for a long time. In MotoGP 2020, Marc Marquez missed 13 races

“I can’t drive at my current level, but I haven’t lost my basic speed and fighting spirit. However, I know that I have lost a little bit of my performance,” said Marquez at Sports Week some time ago.

“In Portimao and Jerez, I worked hard to adapt the bike to my riding style. I have tested various settings and sitting positions, but the attempts didn’t work out properly. I usually have a good feeling at the left turn, but I had some problems at the left. turn right,” he said again.

With these bad results, Marc Marquez was scattered at the bottom of the 2021 MotoGP standings. He was only able to collect 16 points, was ranked 18th

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