Marquez: It wouldn’t be fair if Quartararo was disqualified, but…

The incident of the revealing of Fabio Quartararo’s racing suit in the middle of the Catalunya MotoGP has become a matter of debate. Marc Marquez felt it was unfair if Quartararo was disqualified.
In the race at the Catalunya Circuit, Sunday (6/6/2021), an unusual sight occurred. Quartararo went through the last few laps in his revealing racing costume.

In a replay of the race, Quartararo threw the breastplate under his racing suit onto the track. Quartararo’s action of continuing to race with his open racing suit brought criticism. One of them from former MotoGP star Casey Stoner.

Stoner believes that the Yamaha rider should be given a black flag, aka disqualification. Quartararo was deemed to have violated the FIM’s rules on safety in racing.

In the process, Quartararo had to settle for finishing fourth after receiving a three-second penalty. Marc Marquez revealed, Quartararo should put safety first.

“We have discussed it with the team,” said Marquez about the incident at Motorsport.

You have to make it [safe] and if you can’t you have to stop racing.”

“I think that’s what they should do. Either you pull over, lose three or four seconds, and hook your racing shirt, or you have to stop,” concluded Marquez regarding the Fabio Quartararo incident.

Marquez was forced to retire at the Catalunya MotoGP . The Repsol Honda rider crashed again, his third crash in the last five races.


MotoGP Catalunya: Quartararo punished for the open race shirt incident


The investigation into the incident of Fabio Quartararo’s open race shirt zipper at the Catalunya MotoGP eventually resulted in a three-second penalty for the Yamaha rider, making his finishing position drop to sixth.
The decision was issued by the race supervisor on Sunday (6/6/2021) at 18.00 local time or around 23.00 WIB. Quartararo was deemed to have violated the rules of Article of the FIM World Championship Grand Prix.

“During the Catalunya MotoGP race, you were seen riding with the racing shirt zippers not properly attached and without the necessary chest protection,” the FIM MotoGP control panel said in a letter to Quartararo.

“This is a violation of Article of the rules of the FIM World Championship Grand Prix. For these reasons, the FIM MotoGP supervisory panel imposed a three-second penalty in the result of the race in MotoGP Catalunya,” the statement said.

Previously, Quartararo had already received a three-second penalty for a track limit violation, dropping him from finishing third to fourth. Now, he has dropped back two places to sixth.

That way, Quartararo now only gets 10 points. He still tops the MotoGP standings with 115 points, but now his lead over Johann Zarco in second place has been reduced to just 14 points. Quartararo can appeal this sentence.


MotoGP Catalunya: Regarding the Racing Suit Incident, this is Quartararo’s defense

The zipper of Fabio Quartararo’s racing suit opens in the middle of the 2021 Catalunya MotoGP race. This is the French rider’s response.
The incident occurred when the race had five laps remaining. According to FIM rules, the racing suit must be fully attached throughout the race without exception, for the safety of the rider.

However, according to Quartararo, the zipper on his shirt was accidentally opened. He’s tried to put it back on but to no avail.

“I don’t know what happened. I only realized that my shirt was already open at the first corner when there were five laps left in the race,” Quartararo told Autosport.

“I tried to pull it up again, but I couldn’t. It was very difficult to race in that condition, but unfortunately, that’s what happened.”

explained the Yamaha rider.

Quartararo was eventually punished for the incident. He was awarded a three-second penalty, dropping his finish from fourth to sixth.

Previously, he had already received a three-second penalty for violating the track boundary, which cost him the podium this time. That means, he gets a total penalty of 6 seconds in the 2021 Catalunya MotoGP race

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