Messi Has a ‘Gang’ of Parents at Thiago School

Picking up school and inviting the children to do activities that they like is one of the units that Lionel Messi plays every time he gathers with his family.

That’s what the Barcelona captain revealed in an interview with local Spanish media recently.

Messi currently has three children, namely Thiago Messi Roccuzzo, Mateo Messi Roccuzzo, Ciro Messi Roccuzzo.

The player known by the nickname La Pulga said that being with them was the most enjoyable thing in his life.

Messi admitted that he was happy to be able to meet and make friends with the parents of students where their children studied.

He feels fortunate to have a ‘gang’ of excellent parents where Thiago goes to school.

“It’s very common to see each other, to get together and I am just one of them,” Messi said.

Messi felt lucky enough to be with them for most of the day. He admits that he has a routine when he is with his wife and three children.

“I can take them to school, pick them up, take them to football and other activities and I like it.

What I enjoy the most is waking up, having breakfast with them, even though sometimes You want to kill them, “he added with a laugh as quoted from Marca, Sunday (23/5/2021).

Asked whether Messi had ever taken his three children on vacation, he admitted that he rarely took vacations.

However, the player with the number 10 jersey always takes the time to take a vacation once a week.

“We have three kids and in the end, you adapt to their routine. They finish school and do some activities.

You go looking for them and they do something, until 8:30 p.m. or 9 p.m. when we eat. You tell them to eat, then they do something. fell asleep, and we did too. “

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