Messi wants to cut wages by 50 percent for Barcelona, but…

Lionel Messi admits he is willing to cut his salary by 50 percent in negotiating a new contract with Barcelona . However, there is no further discussion.
Messi says goodbye to Barcelona. He left Catalan after 21 years living there.

Barcelona’s financial crisis forced Messi to leave. The Blaugrana said club officials, Joan Laporta, suffered a loss of 400 million euros.

Barcelona had to restructure the salaries of its players. Many have been offered to cut salaries.

Willingness to cut wages is also a requirement for Messi to stay at Camp Nou. The 34-year-old star was already willing to do it, but there was no follow-up from the club.

“I offered to reduce my salary by 50 per cent, but they didn’t ask me anything else,” Messi said as reported by the BBC.


Messi has played 778 games in all competitions for Barcelona. He contributed 672 goals and 305 assists.

In terms of trophy collection, Messi won 34 trophies with Barcelona. There have been 6 Ballon d’Or achievements in his career as a footballer with Los Cules.

Now, Messi is reportedly close to the French club, Paris Saint-Germain. If true to Les Parisiens, he will reunite with Neymar and join former Real Madrid player, Sergio Ramos.


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Lionel Messi: Barcelona’s Debt Soared


Lionel Messi made sure continuing with Barcelona was never possible. The Blaugrana’s finances are not doing well.
Lionel Messi and Barcelona have officially parted ways.

Although Messi wanted to stay, Barcelona could not tie him to a new contract. They are blocked by the salary limit rules from LaLiga .

Barcelona president Joan Laporta said the only way to sign Messi was to ‘mortgage’ some of the club’s assets, in cooperation with CVC Capital Investor. But the offer was rejected by the club because it was deemed not a good deal, let alone running within 50 years.

Barcelona is indeed in poor financial condition, exacerbated by the pandemic situation. Joan Laporta as the new president who replaces Josep Maria Bartomeu is trying to reorganize the club, including in the financial aspect.

To keep looking for ways will make the situation even more difficult,” said Lionel Messi, quoted by the BBC .

I did everything to survive and it was not possible to achieve it,” he continued.


The Messi Who Never Imagined Saying Goodbye to Barcelona


Lionel Messi officially parted ways with Barcelona. One of the toughest days for him, he never imagined would say goodbye.
But at that time, it was believed that Messi and Barcelona would find an agreement to add to his contract again.

What power, Barcelona was unable to cope with the burden of spending player salaries set by the Spanish League authorities . Messi tried to help by letting his salary be cut by 50 percent.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough. Barcelona also failed to sell some of their players in order to make the club’s balance sheet healthier, so they were unable to give Messi another contract.

Sunday (8/7) afternoon WIB, Barcelona held Lionel Messi’s farewell session. The performer came in an elegant suit.

As soon as he stood on the podium, his eyes were filled with tears. Messi is so sad that the day has come, to say goodbye…

“I never imagined saying goodbye, because I never imagined it,” she whispered.

“But this is what happened. I had to go, we had to separate,” he added.

Lionel Messi occasionally took a deep breath. He looked around, there was a row of trophies beside him and the players and club ranks including Barcelona President, Joan Laporta in front of him.

“This is the toughest day for me,” he said.

Lionel Messi has made a total of 778 appearances for Barcelona in all competitions since 2004. He has 672 goals and 305 assists.

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