Premier League: Romelu Lukaku’s Total Transfer Throughout His Career Reached IDR 6 Trillion!

Romelu Lukaku has raised more than IDR 6 trillion in transfers throughout his career. This figure includes the transfer to Chelsea which will be inaugurated soon.

Romelu Lukaku is now in the process of becoming a Chelsea player, for the second time. Chelsea has agreed on a £97 million asking price for Inter Milan. No additional players in the payment process.

Lukaku himself has undergone medical tests and left the city of Milan. Currently, Lukaku only needs to work out a few technical details before officially becoming part of Thomas Tuchel’s squad for the 2021/2022 season.

Sky Sports journalist Dharmesh Sheth calculates the money Lukaku makes from each of his transfers. It all started when Chelsea bought Lukaku from Anderlecht in 2011. At that time, the Blues paid 20 million pounds.

Lukaku then failed to shine at Chelsea and moved to Everton. Initially, on loan status. Everton then bought Lukaku permanently for £28 million in 2014.

From Everton, Lukaku then moved to Manchester United in 2017 for a price of 90 million pounds. After that, he was sold to Inter Milan for 73 pounds. Now, Lukaku is on his way back to Chelsea for £97 million.

Romelu Lukaku’s total transfer reached 309 million pounds. If you refer to the current exchange rate, the total transfer funds for the 28-year-old player are equivalent to IDR 6.1 trillion.

Most Expensive in the World
Referring to Dharmesh Sheth’s record, Romelu Lukaku is the player with the most expensive total transfer in the world. Lukaku beat the money raised from the transfer of Neymar, the world’s most expensive player from PSG.

The total transfer of Neymar, including transactions from Santos to Barcelona and Barcelona to PSG, is ‘only’ 250 million pounds.

“Lukaku will become the most expensive player in history once an agreement with Chelsea is reached in terms of a combined transfer fee. Currently, that record is held by Neymar for a fee of around £250 million, but Lukaku will erase it,” said Dharmesh Sheth.

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Italian League: Romelu Lukaku’s message to Inter Milan fans before flying to London and finalizing a move to Chelsea

Romelu Lukaku has left Italy to complete his transfer to Chelsea. Before taking off, the Belgian player gave a short message to Inter Milan fans.

Chelsea has reportedly reached an agreement with Inter Milan to transport Romelu Lukaku to Stamford Bridge. The two teams agreed on 115 million euros as a dowry for the striker’s move.

The Blues need an additional striker this summer. They have tried to hijack Erling Braut Haaland, but Borussia Dortmund is very difficult to work with.

In the end, they chose the more realistic option. Lukaku is the right choice because Inter Milan is quite easy to be tempted with a wad of money because of the recent economic crisis.

Long story short, Lukaku is known to have undergone a medical test in Italy on Monday (10/8/2021) WIB. The next schedule is to fly to London to sign a contract as well as introduce himself as a new player for the Blues.

Lukaku has not made any statements regarding this, nor has Inter Milan. But before leaving, the 28-year-old man had said a few words to the media crew addressed to Inter Milan fans.

When asked if he had a message for Inter Milan supporters, Lukaku waved to the camera saying: “I will send a message in the next few days.”

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Inter Milan fans protest
Romelu Lukaku’s statement will be eagerly awaited by Inter Milan fans who have carried out intense protests in the last few days. The protests began with a banner unfurled near the Nerazzurri headquarters.

The banner contained a threat to Inter Milan’s management who had promised not to tamper with the team that won the Serie A title last season.

The next protest action was carried out when Inter Milan had a test match against Parma on Monday (9/8/2021) early yesterday. They demanded that president Steven Zhang and the Suning Group leave Giuseppe Meazza.

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