Release Schedule For Monster PUBGM X Godzilla Vs Kong: Godzilla Arrives First

After PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) announced the latest collaboration with Godzilla vs Kong, some information regarding this collaboration has been revealed, including the monster release schedule, until the appearance of a mysterious Titan.

Sanhok, and Livik maps.

Reported by the Daily Spin ID, not all monsters will appear simultaneously, but on schedule and starting tomorrow, Tuesday (11/5), until 8 June 2021. Here’s the full release schedule for the monster:

Godzilla – Erangel: 11 May 2021 – 8 June 2021

Kong – Sanhok: 15 May 2021 – 8 June 2021

Mechagodzilla – Livik: 20 May 2021 – 8 June 2021

From the appearance of the three monsters, players can collect crystals that are released by monsters.

Godzilla Crystals can be used as bombs, Kong Crystals allows players to move fast and jump high. Whereas in Livik later, the crystals released by Mechagodzilla can enable players to detect enemies near them.

If the players are able to collect lots of crystals from the trio of monsters, they can use their monster powers to get Winner Winer Chicken Dinner (WWCD).

Not only monsters, other features that are present in PUBGM update 1.4 there are also new vehicles, namely the Coupe RB. Quoted from Lifestyle Kontan, the Coupe RB is a two-seat sports car that is predicted to be the fastest car in battle royale mode.

Mode Has Appeared!

PUBG Mobile will enter the version 1.4 update on May 11, 2021 tomorrow. Various exclusive content around the Godzilla vs. Kong is coming soon to accompany the players; Titan Strikes, Titan Last Stand, Microcosm, and a new map The Hangar.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Godzilla vs Kong mode in PUBG Mobile version 1.4.

PUBG Mobile Version 1.4 Update Date, Size, and Prizes

To provide a more exciting gaming experience, PUBG Mobile will update to version 1.4 starting May 11, 2021.

Make sure you update as soon as possible because players with different versions cannot play together.

PUBG Versi 1.4 New Modes: Titan Strikes

Titans arrive on Erangel on May 11, Sanhok on May 15, and Livik on May 20, event ends on June 8.

How to play Titan Strikes

Mysterious Titans have struck, and monsters from beneath the earth’s surface are rising and forming settlements! Simply select the entrance to start the gameplay.

Attack of the Titans

Watch out for attacks from an irate giant!

Gifts from the Titans

Titans gradually absorb energy emanating from the earth. Different types of Titan Crystals have different effects.

Erangel Titan Crystal: A special throwable item that knocks back enemies and burns them

Apex Camps

Monster Settlements

The Livik Titan

The Titan on Livik has unique electromagnetic abilities that affect the Blue Zone and cause it to shift every once in a while. The Titan’s electromagnetic energy forms a special scan circle that the player can enter to collect Titan Crystals. However, doing so will also expose their positions to other players.

Titan Last Stand (May 25 – June 8)

A helicopter will appear in the Lobby UI. Points earned during the event can be used to exchange for event rewards.

Microcosm (June 9 – July 5)

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