Results ‘Modif Magic’ Bring Franco Morbidelli to the Spanish MotoGP Podium

Franco Morbidelli won his first podium this season at the Spanish MotoGP in 2021. The result could not be separated from the ‘magic modification’ on Morbidelli’s M1 ride.
The Petronas Yamaha SRT rider, who last season was the runner-up of the world championship, opened MotoGP 2021 with difficulty after only being able to gain 4 points from the first two series thanks to finishing in 18th and 12th position.

Morbidelli began to polish the results in the third series in Portimao, Portugal. At that time he managed to complete the race in fourth position.

It was only in Jerez on Sunday (2/5) evening WIB, that Franco Morbidelli won his first podium in MotoGP 2021. He, among others, maximized the problem of Fabio Quartararo’s arm pump in his progress to finish third

“It was an extraordinary race. I continued to push throughout the race. In the end we were rewarded with this podium,” said Morbidelli as reported by Autosport .

The 2017 Moto2 world champion then also gave his own appreciation to his team. In particular for Ramon Forcada, the mechanical boss of the Morbidelli crew, who performed ‘ modif magic ‘ on the motorbike while warming up before the race.

“This morning Ramon did his magical modification and the feeling I got on the bike got a little better and I was able to ride the bike very solidly and aggressively. I’m very satisfied with the results and I’m happy.”

“We’ve increased the grip and it’s really useful. In the race I still feel less grip, but the mods we’ve done make it less pronounced,” said Franco Morbidelli .

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