Son Heung-min Becomes a Victim of Racism, 12 People Are Examined by the Police

Winger Tottenham Hotspur, Son Heung-min, the target of racism. A total of 12 people were questioned by the police regarding the harassment.

Son became a victim of racism after Tottenham lost 1-3 to Manchester United in the Premier League match at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, 11 April. The South Korean player experienced it on social media.

Initially, the report came from MU’s side and then forwarded to the police. The authorities then investigated the report.

And reported by The Sun, as many as 8 people were arrested by the police in investigating the racism case that befell Son Heung-min. All suspected perpetrators have been released but are still being monitored regarding the alleged harassment of the Tottenham Hotspur star.

Meanwhile, four other people were also questioned by the police. They are suspected of “using words, behavior, or written material that intends to arouse racial hatred.”

All the perpetrators were, on average, 20-32 years old, and lived in the Dorset, Llanelli, Hartlepool, and Cheshire areas. As for the four people who were examined, one of them was 63 years old.

“The Metropolitan Police investigation into racist behavior in cyberspace aimed at top footballers in London, resulted in 12 people being arrested and examined under surveillance,” said a police statement, regarding the racism case against Son Heung-min.

This arrest was appreciated by Kick It Out, an organization that works to fight racism in British football. CEO Tony Burnett warned racism will not be accepted in football.

“We are pleased to see these arrests made, which send a strong message that cyber harassment is unacceptable and those caught doing so will accept the consequences,” Burnett said.

“Social media is becoming a vehicle for unacceptable attitudes at the community level, and for people who feel they have no problem sending messages of abuse.”

“We have to ensure that we create an environment where online harassment is punished and the culprit is identified as much as possible,” he explained.

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