Spanish League: Luis Suarez approves of Sergio Aguero joining Barcelona and hopes Lionel Messi does not move

Luis Suarez gave his ‘blessing’ to Sergio Aguero to join Barcelona. The Atletico Madrid attacker also hopes Lionel Messi is willing to stay even longer at Camp Nou.

In the 2020/2021 Premier League final match, coming on as a substitute, he recorded two goals against Everton.

The striker who is Manchester City’s all-time top scorer will be on a free transfer and is rumored to be joining Chelsea or PSG. However, it is strongly predicted that Barcelona will become the next Aguero port.

“Suppose I leak a secret. He (Aguero) is one step away from joining the team that is in my heart, FC Barcelona,” Pep Guardiola told BBC Sports.

Restu Luis Suarez
On another occasion, Luis Suarez, who heard of the issue, fully supported Sergio Aguero in joining Barcelona.

“Of course Aguero has a special relationship with Messi, and we cannot deny the claim that he is a player with a million magic to bring Barcelona to glory. So, I support him very much.”

Suarez hopes that La Pulga will survive.

“As a friend and fan, I will be happy, I will like him, and I would recommend that he continue to play at Barcelona. Did he tell me if he will stay there? To be honest, he hasn’t said anything,” said Suarez. again.

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