The reason why Tottenham is using the Hotspurs name on the back

Tottenham hotspurs is one of the big clubs competing in the Premier League Premier League competition. This club was founded 100 years ago and is one of the clubs in the big six group in the Premier League. The club, which was once commanded by veteran coach Jose Mourinho or The Special One, is headquartered at the Tottenham hotspurs stadium or the new Tottenham hotspurs headquarters which has a capacity of 62,000 spectators.

The club is headquartered in north London or the North London area, and has several times competed in the Champions League or in European competitions and has consistently ranked in the top six clubs in the English League with Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal. Liverpool, Chelsea.

Then the thing about the name Tottenham hotspurs, which uses the name hotspurs on the back, has its own history considering that some of the majority clubs in the Premier League use the names City, United, Wanderers or use Rovers. The reason for using the name hotspurs behind Tottenham Hotspur has its own reasons.

As for the use of the name hotspurs at Tottenham hotspurs has a history and was apparently taken from the story of a leader named Sir Henry Percy or better known as Sir Harry hotspurs. The hotspot nickname itself was named because of his courage in fighting a Siri hotspurs who fought without fear and with his courage he was able to show his tajinya who was always on fire in leading its members on the battlefield.

Then the most interesting thing is that Hostpurs itself is the nickname of its enemy at that time, namely the Scottish nation. in 1400 02 Henry leaves or hotspur traits silently winning battles with Scottish troops under l12 at MI Dunhill. so that the officials of the Tottenham Hotspur club themselves named this Tottenham in 1882.

So, that was why Tottenham Hotspur was given the name of the hotspot in the back because it has its own history. Sir Hari Hotspur was the prince of England in the middle ages from 1364 to 1403. as is known Tottenham Hotspur or named secure became a professional club in 1895 and began competing in professional competitions in the second division season 1908 or 1949. the following season, he was finally promoted to the first division then .

this club was formerly nicknamed in the Lily whites this nickname refers to the white color which is the color of pride of this club based in North London. The score itself uses the rooster logo as a symbol or the club logo is used because on its feet there are spurs or Spurs, according to the club name, this symbol began to appear on club costumes in the 1920/1921 FA Cup final.

That this club was formerly headquartered at the White Hart Lane stadium with a capacity of 36,000 spectators since 1899. But finally moving to a new stadium in a few years moved to a new stadium belonging to Tottenham Hotspur with a larger capacity than the old White Hart Land. The new stadium has a bigger capacity and is considered one of the largest stadiums in the UK.

That is the reason why Tottenham Hotspurs used the name Hostpurs on the back, because there was a war prince who was instrumental in fighting by defeating the Scottish war troops at that time.

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