This boxer faces death penalty for killing his pregnant mistress

Félix Verdejo is arrested by the police on charges of murdering his pregnant mistress. The threat of the death penalty awaits the Puerto Rican boxer.
It was reported that the BBC and The Guardian , Verdejo (27), was charged with kidnapping and then killing Keishla Rodríguez (27), a woman he had known for a long time. Rodriguez has been missing since Thursday (29/4) last week, when he did not come to work.

Her body was found Saturday, in a lagoon near San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. Dental records later confirmed the body was Rodriguez on Sunday

Keila Ortiz, Rodriguez’s mother, told local media that the day she went missing, Rodriguez called her and said that Verdejo would come to her house to see the results of the pregnancy test. The child that Rodriguez was carrying is said to be Verdejo’s son .

The mother had reminded her to be careful, but after that there was no more contact. Verdejo reportedly did not want Rodriguez to give birth to the child, because it would interfere with his career and also his family.

It is known, Verdejo is married and has a daughter. But he keeps in touch with Rodriguez, a woman he has known since his junior high school days.

According to reports, Verdejo used violence against Rodriguez then tied him up and threw him off the bridge. There are allegations he also shot Rodriguez after throwing him in the water.

At first Verdejo and his attorneys were not cooperative with the local police when asked for information, but last Sunday turned themselves in. It’s just that, at the trial last Monday, he also did not open his mouth.

It is still not known when Verdejo’s next trial will be, but the United States government, which houses Puerto Rico, has 30 days to present the case to a federal jury.

According to a judge, Camille Velez, Verdejo was potentially sentenced to death, for deliberately killing a woman and a child in the womb. “This case qualifies for the death penalty,” Velez said.

Félix Verdejo has appeared in lightweight boxing at the 2012 London Olympics , and lasted until the quarter-finals. In the same year, he became a professional boxer. In his prime, he had the WBO Latino lightweight champion belt in 2015-2017.

Based on data from Top Rank, the promoter who has supported him since 2012, the boxer named El Diamante (The Diamond) has a record of 27 wins, 17 of which were knocked out, and 2 defeats.

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