Under Andrea Pirlo, Juventus is a team that has no identity

Juventus is like a team that has no identity under the control of Andrea Pirlo.

Andrea Pirlo was appointed as Juventus coach at the start of the 2020-2021 season. He replaces the sacked Maurizio Sarri.

This appointment is considered gambling because Pirlo has no previous experience in coaching big teams.

At Juventus, Pirlo’s signature style is to attack with three defenders who then transition to four when they lose possession.

Then, if there is a deadlock, Pirlo relies on the individual abilities of his players to get out of trouble.

Incidentally, Pirlo has a stock of players who have above-average individual skills. Most notable, of course, are Federico Chiesa and Cristiano Ronaldo.

One more thing, Pirlo is also flexible about the composition of the players. It all depends on the opponent’s needs and conditions.

However, Pirlo’s flexibility is considered a drawback. Juventus seems to be playing without a clear identity.

There is an interesting fact about Pirlo who likes to change the line-up of players in the formation he carries.

Launching La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Thursday (6/5/2021), Pirlo never lowered the composition of the same players from match to match until week 34 of the Italian League.

In this case, Pirlo often “forces” one or two players to play in different positions.

The Juventus player who often plays many roles is Danilo. The Brazilian player has played at right-back, left-back, center-back posts.

Not infrequently, Danilo is shifted slightly forward to take on the role of a central midfielder.

Pirlo’s not being able to find the identity of this Juventus game may be one of the reasons why the Big Lady has crashed this season.

Juventus have certainly failed to defend their Serie A crown. The Scudetto this season fell to Inter Milan.

Not only that, but Juventus are also struggling tooth and nail to secure a ticket to the Champions League next season.

Juventus is currently perched in third place in the standings with a collection of 69 points from 34 matches.

Their number of points is the same as Atalanta in the runner-up position and AC Milan in fourth place.

If Juventus do not finish in the top four, there is a possibility that Andrea Pirlo will be kicked out of the coaching chair.






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