Watch MABAR Blitz Chess Live Streaming with WIM Chelsie Monica at Vidio

The Woman International Master (WIM) Chelsie Monica will challenge connoisseurs to chess practitioners throughout the country through a program titled MABAR Blitz Chess which will be live streaming exclusively at Vidio.

Blitz Chess itself is one of the most popular chess games in because of the fierce duel between the God of Fans and Gotham Chess. Because of that, the Indonesian people are becoming more familiar with this brain-sharpening sport.

Chelsie Monica herself is a beautiful girl from Balikpapan, East Kalimantan who won the title of Women International Master in 2011. In this MABAR Blitz Chess program, WIM Chelsie Monica will challenge anyone who dares to duel her in a three-minute stream chess game.

The match itself will take place on Friday (7/5/2021). For the participating challengers, there will be a prize of one million rupiah each to win. For those of you who want to join MABAR Blitz Chess WIM Chelsie Monica, you can register directly through the website .

The match itself will take place from 7 May to 11 June 2021. Here is the live streaming link for friends who want to see the excitement.

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